Where to Find the Best Indica Strains 2018

When the first growing season of California after the legalization of the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, adults 21 of age and above are beginning to think about their gardening plans. These plans, of course, start with seeds. The first thing to do to find the best Indica strains 2018 is to find where you can buy these seeds.

Buying seeds have several options to consider, these are :

  • Newer seeds have a much higher success rate for germination than decades-old bag seeds. You can contact your toking friends to see how many of them have been keeping seeds since they started smoking pot. You can have or buy some of their seeds.
  • The Cost of seeds. The cost for seeds can vary, depending on the strain being offered. Because there is no industry standardization, the strain you buy from one purveyor may or may not be the same when offered by another purveyor. The price of seeds can vary from several dollars to several hundreds of dollars depending on the quality of the strain being “guaranteed” and whether or not you prefer feminized (guaranteed female-only) or non-feminized seeds. We’ve seen seeds go for $60-$100 for a ten-pack. Why so expensive? Well, just one good seed can result in a plant that yields a pound of dried, cured bud. A pound of primo can fetch $800 – $2,000 wholesale – – so the value is there.
  • Progeny. Classical plant breeding uses deliberate inter-breeding (crossing) of closely or distantly related individuals to produce new crop varieties or lines with desirable traits. Plants are crossbred to introduce traits and genes from one variety or line into a new genetic composition.
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Progeny—descendants—from the cross are then crossed with the high-yielding parent to ensure that the progeny are most like the high-yielding parent (backcrossing).

The progeny from that cross are then tested for the amounts of the desired traits; plants showing high levels of the parent traits are further developed. Plants may also be crossed with themselves to produce inbred varieties for breeding.

  • Legal Note. : It’s still technically illegal to purchase seeds, most especially online and have them shipped across the state or international lines to your house. The seed-sellers always say they are selling seeds for “novelty” purposes, not cultivation. However, the chances of getting in trouble for buying seeds online seems very, very low. From a law enforcement perspective, interdicting personal amounts of seeds and arresting the buyer does not yield a high enough return to be worth the police’s However, it is always safe to do away from the law, so you must always be careful in buying seeds.

The Best Indica Strains 2018: Buying seeds on the Internet

If you do buy online, go with a reputable seed seller who has a long track record, a brand name and a history of positive reviews. Ask cultivator friends for recommendations. Their advice may be good for you for a start. However, you must take note that it is still technically illegal to purchase marijuana seeds most especially online. You must be careful. Online purchases will entail a lot of issues to include your payment and shipment papers. Online purchases are easy to track and investigated in areas where marijuana is still a legal issue. Some online sites are also rigged with scammers who pose as legal suppliers but are actually aimed to just get your money. These sites are frequently encountered in online sites of Nigeria and China. You must be aware of these scammers by seeking advice from your friends.

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Buying online does not also guarantee how viable the seeds are. This is very important because seeds germination viability may ruin your plans to grow marijuana most especially when you purchase seeds that lost their germination ability.  Critical also in buying seeds is the gender of the strain you are buying. It is a big loss if you can buy all male seeds or hermaphrodite seeds. These seeds will not produce buds.

Online buying is also dangerous for your seeds to be damaged during shipment and handling. It is always safe for you to know how your seeds are being packed before it is being shipped. The mood of transportation is also vital when you purchase your seeds online. Remember always that your supplier may not be the real grower of the seeds you are buying they are just traders. How remote the source may be, you do not know. It is always good to purchase your seeds from local sources.

If you go the commercial route – the modern market offers viable seeds from hundreds of different familial lines of cannabis. In states that have legalized marijuana for adult use and/or medical use, seed sales are regulated differently. In places like California, for instance, you can buy seeds or plant starts at a local medical marijuana farmers market or a retail or medical dispensary.

You can also get seeds at the many cannabis festivals in legalization and medical state, like the High Times Cannabis Cup June 6 in Santa Rosa, CA. Some states have regulated legal sales to licensed marijuana businesses only, with no sales of seeds to individuals. In states that have no legal adult use or medical laws, you are on your own.

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Colorado dispensaries selling seeds

The following dispensaries are known for quality marijuana seeds in Colorado:

  1. The Green Solution: With locations throughout metro Denver, the dispensary sells Rezen8 seeds that cross with popular strains. Customers should contact the company to ensure seeds are available at their specific location.
  2. Helping Hands Dispensary: Based in Boulder, the dispensary has a sister-site in Lyons, Colorado. They update daily seed menus and prices here.
  3. .Nature’s Gift Shop: For those who live in the southern part of the state, Nature’s Gift is located in Pueblo and has Rezen8 seeds available.

When it comes to growing, finding, and buying the best indica strains 2018, it goes without saying that one would need to source from the best viable seeds around. Not only will this ensure a productive yield, but also, customer satisfaction stands to be guaranteed, with the ripple effect that business is sustained and the economy reinforced. It’s vital, therefore, to procure all seedlings from reliable seed banks. Reliable, meaning verifiable preservers and improvers of cannabis genetics. For more information, check out the products available at Leafly.

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