On consuming Cannabis, there are more than a few options available today compared to before. That makes it difficult to perceive the “best” type of use, particularly since better approaches to consume marijuana are springing up each day.

Smoking is the most established practice, yet vaporizers are getting rather famous. To the extent edibles go, we would now be able to appreciate any food we need with CBD, THC, CBG, or even CBN. Furthermore, there are presently sprays, oils and a whole lot more.

So the “best” technique for consuming cannabis truly relies upon your inclinations and how you take convenience as a priority as well as value, quality, wellbeing, and so on. In this article, We will tackle the intricate details of the best methods using Cannabis by presenting to you 17 basic methods to participate in!

What are the Best Methods Using Cannabis for you?


Smoking is the most used up method ever. It is also the fastest one available to deliver THC, CBD or other cannabinoids in our bloodstream through our lungs. On the instance that THC enters our circulatory system it takes no time to hit the cerebrum.

At the point when you consider it, smoking pot is a ton like cheap food. It’s speedy and takes care of business, however, it might block your evening run. So why smoke? All things considered, in case you’re searching for something that separates smoking from different choices on this rundown, think dose size.

  • Joints – The most popular method of use until today. Grinding and rolling your weed into paper similar to cigarettes.
  • Blunts – Similar to a joint but with the use of tobacco rollies.
  • Bowls and Pipes – A paraphernalia where you can load your weed and spark with a lighter.
  • Bongs – Similar to a pipe or bowl but the delivery system allows the smoke to pass through water to cool down and filter contaminants for that smoother hit.
  • Bubblers – Similar to Bong but has smaller loads or doses.
  • Dabs – A processed Cannabis wax by-product also known as butane hash oil or BHO. A solidified cannabis extract that is smokeable using a rig.
  • Vaporizers – A device that allows you to vaporize the cannabinoids without the use of high temperatures. This will remove the negative effects of burning organic matter.
  • Moon Rocks – Another process of Cannabis by product.


Not a fan of vaping and smoking? Don’t want to smoke or vape your weed? No worries! You are extremely at luck as we are in a time where there are a lot of available options today! Here is the list of the top alternatives for you!

  • Edibles & Weed Snacks- Brownies, muffins and cookies! Do a quick recipe today!
  • Pills – Similar to any other drug or medication, this method is taken via capsule or in pill form.
  • Dissolvable Strips – These come in both CBD and THC variants, basically small patches of edible paper that dissolves on water.
  • Sprays – These are tinctures in spray bottles.
  • Drinks – Infused beverages beverages and drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic.
  • Creams – Applied in cream form topically on affected areas of the body.
  • Tincture – Liquid marijuana concentrate using alcohol for extraction base.
  • Patches – A Transdermal thin piece of a patch that delivers Cannabinoids through your skin.
  • Lube – Especially made for adults who want to make their sex life more interesting!

What Cannabis Consumption Method Works Best for You?

Thus, there you have it, 17 methods of using cannabis to satisfy your needs. Presently, it’s dependent upon you to get out there and attempt every single one to make sense of what works best for you.

If you realize you would prefer not to open your lungs to smoke, attempt the edibles and the topicals on for size. On the off chance that holding up 30-120 minutes to feel the impacts seems like an exercise in futility to you, explore different avenues regarding the smoking alternatives to get hummed in a New York minute.

There are such a large number of approaches to devour weed nowadays that you truly can tailor your strategies to whatever suits your circumstance. You don’t need to depend entirely on one strategy… although you may get yourself coming back to one consistently.