In our modern society, we can search for just about every piece of information we require with just a few mouse clicks and keyboard presses. It’s easy to acquire knowledge over the Internet, but it’s another story to search for rare items. For example, if you want to chow down on the world’s tastiest beef, then you may have to travel halfway around the globe to sink your teeth into that delectable treat. In the same sense, if you want to have a taste of rare hybrid cannabis strains, then it’s important to know more about the buds before you can start your search.

If you’ve been in the cannabis industry for quite some time, then chances are you already know that different strains call for varying effects and properties. There are some legendary buds that stand out from the rest of the crowd. However, their legends precede them with utmost secrecy and rarity. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got your hands with rare strains.

So what are some of the rarest marijuana plants on the planet? Read on to find out.

Cull through the world of marijuana and you’re bound to hear sighs and whispers about certain magical experiences from cannabis connoisseurs. The buds they’ve tasted bring delightful effects that it may burn your soul to new heights as you want more of the strain. Some of these rare hybrid cannabis strains are listed here.

1.) Sweet Tooth

This Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana plant has a mix of flavors just like its name implies. The Sweet Tooth strain will bring any candy or sweets-lover to its knees as pure bliss circles every fiber of their beings. Aside from the taste being very sweet, this cannabis strain has subtle flavors of flowers and berries to complete the tasty treat. Even the scent of the strain’s flowers presents a pleasant and flowery aroma.

Even though this strain presents Indica-dominant characteristics, the slight hints of Sativa found in its chemical makeup enables users to enter a state of lucid dreaming. Hence, this bud is a great choice for nighttime smoking sessions or if you’re not planning to do anything on that day. Smoke Sweet Tooth and you’ll find yourself feeling stony to the point where the couch seemingly becomes a magnet to your behind.

Aside from its recreational uses, Sweet Tooth is a great choice for medical marijuana patients. Its medicinal traits bring powerful pain-relieving effects. Patients experiencing chronic or debilitating pain may seek out this marijuana strain for its potent healing factors, if you can find it.

This strain has origins kept behind closed doors by its original breeders. It’s difficult to find seeds of this strain in dispensaries. If you do manage to acquire a mature plant of Sweet Tooth, then consider yourself very lucky. You can then proceed to try and clone the plant to cultivate an identical strain.

2.) NYC Diesel

This award-winning cannabis strain has a Sativa-dominant set of traits with a citrusy mix of flavors. Marijuana consumers who got a taste of the NYC Diesel bud described its flavor as a combination of red grapefruit with hints of diesel.

While the flavors may seem strange for novice marijuana enthusiasts, its rare taste offers bliss to just about any cannabis connoisseur who was lucky enough to sink their teeth to this bud. Aside from its uncommon mixture of flavors, it also promotes potent effects for both recreational and medical use.

One whiff of its smoke and a burst of uplifting feelings and euphoria envelops the mind. Energetic thoughts come into fruition as focus enhances to deliver enhanced creativity to consumers. However, its powerful effects may not be for everyone, especially for novice users. Consumers who have a low tolerance to high THC levels or those who are new to using marijuana may find themselves with a numbing body stone. Veteran users, on the other hand, will find the stony feeling to only be slight discomfort.

Apart from its useful recreational effects, this bud also has properties for patients. Sufferers of stress, depression, and anxiety may use this strain to gain that much-needed respite. It can also assist in the relief and treatment of mild to moderate aches and pains.

Genetics of this strain remains a mystery to this day. However, reports indicate that it comes from a cross between the Afghani and Mexican Sativa strains.

3.) Bubba OG

Despite its rarity, OG fans should try to taste the delectable “dish” that is Bubba OG at least once in your life. It comes from the cross between the Ghost OG strain and the famous Pre-98 cut of Bubba Kush. Mixing the results from that cross with another OG Kush descendant will bring about the Bubba OG cannabis strain.

This highly potent Indica-dominant cannabis strain kicks stress and pain to the side of the curb like they were nothing. Smokers who can take a whiff of this bud will no longer feel chronic pain whether it’s from emotional or physical stress. This marijuana plant may not be for inexperienced users thanks to its high THC levels of 15% to 27% on average.

Despite being an Indica-dominant strain, the highs of Bubba OG hit fast and hard. After a bit of coughing, the effects surge as consumers begin to feel a huge weight over their shoulders. A sensation of comfort and warmth envelops the very cores of users as the lethargic feelings lead them to the nearest comfy surface (like a couch). Once in a relaxed position, consumers will undoubtedly feel the good vibes as multiple waves of euphoria surges through the mind.

Its sedative effects are also ideal for medical marijuana patients. The physically-numbing properties can effectively ease different aches and pains. Furthermore, it can also mood-altering traits can provide temporary relief for acute symptoms of depression and stress.

4.) Mendocino Purps

Otherwise known as just Mendo Purps, this cannabis strain contains Indica-dominant properties not fit for inexperienced users. It induces powerful waves of drowsiness and lethargy so it’s best to smoke this bud at night. You can also consume this cannabis strain if you don’t have any plans for the day. Keep food close by when you’re smoking this bud as it will enhance appetites to new heights. Since it can introduce a couch-locked position, the hunger may become a discomfort for consumers who don’t have food at the ready.

The body-numbing effects of this cannabis strain have excellent medicinal properties, especially for patients suffering from insomnia. Coupled with its mood-enhancing traits, it can bring relief to sufferers of anxiety, depression, and stress. Lastly, it gently eases even the most severe chronic aches and pains. Patients suffering from disorders that cause difficulties in moving like muscle spasms may want to seek out this bud.

5.) Chemdawg 91

Even though Chemdawg 91 is a popular hybrid cannabis strain, its fame is only preceded by its rarity. Some marijuana enthusiasts theorize that the “91” in its name refers to the year of its birth. Reports also indicate that this legendary strain comes from the cross of Nepalese landraces with the Thai strain. Its THC levels are strong as figures hit an average of 24%.

Consumers will feel an initial surge of heady effects as the onset of its highs. There will also be a slight pressure between the temples which may lead to dry and red eyes. Once the slight discomfort starts to subside, users will feel sense of happiness and euphoria accompanied by a boost in mental thinking capacities.

Albeit it seems that the surge of thoughts is beneficial for some, it can introduce sensations of time dilation. Aside from the mental buzzes, users will also find a similar experience to the body in the form of subtle buzzes. Its characteristics and effects make this bud a great evening smoke.

Keep in mind these aren’t just the only cannabis strains on the planet with legendary effects. The marijuana buds listed here do have likable properties but they’re also quite difficult to find and acquire. With that in mind, it does beg the question, what’s the rarest strain you’ve ever tasted? Also, what hybrid strain would you like to try out at least once in your lifetime?

When growing your rare cannabis strains, it’s always important to know your sources. Stan Gorski of Columbus, Ohio states that growers should properly know what to believe and not to believe. The Internet is a helpful and fearful place; searching for the right pieces of information can lead to you getting your hands on seeds or buds of legendary strains. Randomly buying strains from sketchy retailers and you might be in more complications than you might initially think.