Want to know the best feminized indica seeds for sale? Check out what we have written for you.

Before we go to the list, it’s better to first know what an Indica is. Indica strains are one of the two main species of cannabis. These strains are native to places with cooler climates such as high-altitude areas. Indicas are also a lot smaller than Sativas (the other species of cannabis).

What also defines an Indica are the effects associated with it. These strains typically deliver a relaxing physical type of high rather than a mentally stimulating one. To this end, not a lot of Indica strains have psychoactive effects that make the mind race. They more or less make the person’s body feel heavy and lazy while bringing about a sensation that calms the nerves and the senses and may even make the user feel sleepy.

Because of their effects, Indicas are best used at night or after a long and tiring day. For medical purposes, these strains are ideal for those with chronic physical ailments or for those having trouble sleeping. This is why Indica strains are mostly used to help cancer patients.

Like almost any other organism on the planet, cannabis also comes in male and female varieties. However, this only happens when cannabis is bred naturally and without the intervention of modern breeding techniques used by breeders and growers. But, if bred using traditional techniques, cannabis has a 50% chance of producing either a male or a female plant.

While popular cannabis cultivator and author Jorge Cervantes once said that there is almost no way to distinguish a male plant from a female one, breeders would almost always want a female plant. This is because only the female plants are able to produce buds. Meanwhile, the male plant is almost unusable when it comes to growing buds. In that sense, it can be costly and inefficient for breeders to gamble on whether or not the plants are male or female.

However, because of modern breeding techniques, there are seeds that yield only female plants. These are called feminized seeds. One can benefit from choosing feminized seeds because of how efficient they are at streamlining your breeding process. This saves both time and money especially for beginner cultivators as they don’t have to waste space and effort on growing male plants.

Now that we already know what Indicas and feminized seeds are, it’s now time to know the best feminized Indica seeds for sale on the market:

1.) Afghan

A feminized version of the popular landrace found in the Hindu Kush mountain range, Afghan is a pure Indica strain that is known for its old-school body-heavy high and delightful fragrance. It has been around for generations and has never slowed down in terms of popularity.

Afghan’s selling point as a strain is that it delivers an intense body-heavy high without having to make the user feel mentally knocked out. This strain can still make the user feel productive and capable enough to work or get through the day without feeling mentally spaced out. On top of that, the user will also feel a sense of happiness that goes well with the functional relaxation the strain provides.

These feminized seeds produce compact plants that are quite bushy. It is also a generous bud when it comes to yields and is quite a strong and vigorous plant that could survive through harsh conditions. Expect Afghan to flower in about eight or so weeks.

2.) Blackberry Kush

This powerful feminized Indica strain is known for its potent effects that go perfectly well the sweet-smelling fragrance that gives justice to its fruity name. Blackberry Kush was created when Blackberry was crossed with an Afghani landrace.

With a THC level that is as high as 20%, Blackberry Kush can be quite potent. Nevertheless, the high it delivers calms the user’s body and senses on top of the euphoric sensation it induces to give the user a relaxing and relieving buzz. This makes it great for those who are stressed out or for those dealing with chronic physical pain.

Feminized seeds of this strain are better off grown indoors though they can still thrive well outdoors. It is quite resistant to molds but is not as resilient when it comes to inclement weather. That is why it might be better off grown in an ideal environment indoors.

3.) Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush is the combination of Pineapple and Master Kush. An Indica-leaning strain, this feminized plant has the delightful sweetness of Pineapple and the relaxing effects it got from its Kush lineage.

While it does have relaxing effects, this strain does not lock the user into a lethargic state, unlike other Kush strains. Instead, it is quite a mellow strain that still delivers a cerebral kind of buzz that it got from its Sativa side.

This strain’s feminized seeds can grow well both indoors and outdoors and is moderately tall for an Indica-dominant strain. Expect it to flower in as short as 45 or so days. The yield can also be quite generous.

4.) Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese gives justice to its name as a savory strain that is quite popular for its ability to deliver a relaxing and euphoric kind of high. A potent strain itself, Blue Cheese carries the genetics of the Blueberry and Cheese lineages and can make the user feel heavy but not drowsy.

With THC levels that can reach as high as almost 19%, Blue Cheese isn’t something anyone should take lightly for. Nevertheless, it is one of the best strains at delivering a relaxing high because of the euphoric sensation it tends to induce. The relaxing effect may put the body at ease but it can also make the mind feel energetic. This means that it does not debilitate the user into a couch-locked state.

Blue Cheese can thrive well both indoors and outdoors. This feminized strain quite easy to grow and can do well when exposed to cold climates. Because of its genetics, it can also be quite resistant to molds and other adverse conditions. It will take about 8 to 9 weeks for it to grow and has an average yield.

5.) Bubba Kush

A pure Indica that has the genetics of the landraces from the Hindu Kush mountain range, this feminized version of Bubba Kush is quite popular both as a recreational bud and as a medicinal treatment of choice.

Bubba Kush is a very potent strain that has THC levels as high as 22%. It leaves the user with a feeling that no other strain can possibly deliver as it relaxes the entire body while making the user feel happy and euphoric. Some say it induces a dream-like state that can take both the mind and the body into a heavenly state of relaxation. This makes it the perfect choice for those feeling down, tired, and restless.

This feminized strain grows well when the seeds are planted in a dry environment. While it can grow well indoors and outdoors, it is said that it can yield a better harvest when grown indoors. In that sense, it may also be a little bit difficult to grow this strain but it can grow quite well when taken care of properly. Bubba Kush will take about 8 to 9 weeks to flower.

If you are a breeder looking to start growing your own cannabis business, you may want to start out with feminized Indica seeds. After all, Indicas are not only more efficient because of how they are less demanding and are faster growing but they are in demand for both recreational and medicinal uses. And because feminized seeds make the entire process faster and more affordable, you are free to choose from our favorite choices of feminized Indica seeds for sale in today’s cannabis market.