Indica seeds are one of the best-selling in the cannabis market. Why do you ask? Indica strains are more efficient to grow than sativa ones. The sensitivity is very minimal in terms of a sudden change in temperature, humidity, and the environment. This is the classification of cannabis which is the dream of every cannabis connoisseur. From its resistance to the most common molds and mildews to its short flowering time, we can say that if you are a newbie in cultivating cannabis, this is what we highly suggest. Our team has conducted research and scrutinized five of the best indica pot seeds. This is to provide you with enough information on the benefits that you will be getting right after harvest. Indica strains are preferably grown in cold climates. They do not require much sunlight, unlike sativa strains. Northern climates are its top preference in a growing environment which is a bit difficult for cultivation since you have to consider proper maintenance and monitoring every now and then.

An established online business selling seeds, 49 Seed Bank conducted research on the basics of buying your preferred seeds online. Cultivating cannabis is difficult but choosing the right seeds to grow is much more than that. This is a reproduction that we are talking about that is why you have to consider your plants as your babies and nurture it during its early developmental stages. Inline to this, you have to be well-educated about the process of cultivation.

We have conducted a research with the interest to help people who are in need of physical and mental relief. Offering you the best of cannabis, indica strains is our recommendation. In comparison to sativa strains, indica strains tend to be more intense in terms of regulating relief from stress-related conditions. This is what most people are seeking considering that laboratory-formulated medicine is not enough to sustain their needs.

To be a successful grower, you need to have sufficient information about what you are trying to grow. The sensitivity of the indica pot that you will be growing will vary on the strain that you are trying to grow. Conduct research and start cultivating on easy-growing strains in order to gain experience in terms of resistance to molds and mildews, preferred environment and temperature. There is a variety of seed banks online and in the market that will help you choose the best seed that will suit your preferences whether if it’s growing for recreational or medical utilization.


In choosing and cultivating indica, there should be factors to be considered in order to achieve the best results as you harvest it. You have to ensure the reliability of your source as well as the reputation of the breed you are trying to cultivate. Comparing growing from seeds to growing from mature clippings, seeds start from scratch. It is able to produce tap roots that help in supporting and absorbing nutrients throughout its growth. Mature clippings produce fibrous roots which tend to be less absorbent for water and other nutrients. Another plus point for growing by seed is that it is more accessible rather than mature clippings since these are just mere for experimentation. Indica pot seeds result to a higher yield of harvest, an increase in chances of survival, and great production of resin with proper maintenance and monitoring.

What you have to consider is the indica seeds size. Considering the seed size during growth will alleviate the chances of mottling. Mottles appear starts to appear on the leaves and affect the growth of the plant. This is merely caused by a virus or a disease. Seeing blotches of different shades on the leaves is an indication of poor nutrition.

Considering that indica strains are less space-consuming than sativa strains, it works well for both indoor and outdoor environment. But for a more supervised growth, it is more suggested to be grown indoors.

To identify whether a seed is healthy or not is through the hardness of the shell. The seeds with soft shells are considered to be unhealthy and are damaged.

There is a variety of indica seeds being sold online and through the market for people who are seeking medicinal and or recreational relief. The good thing though about buying online is that it tends to be more accessible. There is a variety of seeds to choose from and shipping worldwide is available for countries and states which already legalized the utilization of marijuana.

The color of a healthy seed is blending in forest green and brown. Be mindful of the seeds that you pick. The features of healthy seeds have black blemishes, random spots, and stripes that are dark in color. Cannabis seeds which are light or green in color are underdeveloped so it is best skipped.



An indica hybrid which is famous for its candy-caramel scent and flavor. The richness of the taste makes the users seek for more. In addition, the good thing about growing candy cream is that it is not that sensitive to the environment. It works well being grown outdoors, indoors and in greenhouses. Candy Cream is what you get from cross-breeding Maple Leaf Indica, White Rhino, and Blue Black. The effects are equal on the mind and body putting you in the state of calm.

Price Range: $19 – $159
Ratings: 4.89 out of 5 stars
Growing Time-frame: 9 to 10 weeks


A strain also is known as White Russian. This crossbreed has outstanding levels of tetrahydrocannabinol of up to 22% making it not a suggested strain for inexperienced cannabis smokers. It is established to alleviate stress-related conditions. In addition to this, it is one of the suggested strains for patients who are experiencing worst cases of insomnia for it helps in putting your mind and body in a relaxed state. The earthy, citrus and candy flavors will leave you wanting more.

Price Range: $19 – $159
Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars
Growing Time-frame: 7 to 9 weeks


A marijuana strain is a three-way cross of Blueberry, Cinderella 99 and Fast strains. Its indica dominance is showing through its height and short flowering time. In addition to this, this is one of cannabis connoisseurs’ favorites considering that you get to harvest dense and thickly covered buds with trichomes and sticky resin. The incorporation of the three strains will give you the satisfying effects of relaxation and drowsiness.

Price Range: $19 – $159
Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars
Growing Time-frame: 6 to 7 weeks


Two of the best strains incorporated, Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer will give you the most satisfying effects you will ever get from a cannabis cross-breed. Both uphold outstanding medicinal and recreational benefits because of its relatively high THC and CBD content. It does not just end there, this cross-breed produces a potent and high-yielding harvest in a short span of time. Binding these two will give you the strain of your dreams.

Price Range: $24 – $219
Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars
Growing Time-frame: 8 to 9 weeks


A marijuana strain that is high in cannabidiol benefits the best in treating infection and inflammation. Blueberry strain is best grown outdoors for a well-developed and healthy harvest. The good thing about it is that it is rich in medicinal and recreational properties. It has received the best indica award from High Times’ Cannabis Cup back in 2000. It infuses relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric effects. In addition to this, it is best at combating pain-related conditions as well as stress-related ones.

Price Range: $9 – $109
Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars
Growing Time-frame: 8 to 9 weeks


Among the five best indica seeds which were reviewed and scrutinized, our top pick for the best indica seeds to grow is C99 X Blueberry Feminized Seeds Fast. In comparison to the other strains, this is one of the fast-growing indica strains that will not disappoint you with the medicinal and recreational benefits that it upholds. We want to offer you the best of what cannabis can offer. This is considered a cannabis connoisseur’s dream. In a span of 6 to 7 weeks, you will be able to harvest a high yielding strain. With the best seed you can get online or in the market, you just have to take note of the factors to consider as well as the information about it that you need to know.

In comparison to cannabis sativa, C99 x Blueberry Feminized Seeds Fast grow short and dense. The challenges in growing is also manageable as you do not have to clip it every so often, It is easy to know whether the cannabis is indica or sativa. Indica plants are darker in color and have wider leaves. The preferable growing environment is in the colder temperatures and what is good about it is it thrives well either grown indoors or outdoors.