If you think that Sativa strains can make you lazy and unproductive, then you need to think twice. The truth of the matter is that the sativa strains actually contain properties that can increase your energy level, motivation, and dedication. If you are wondering what type of cannabis strains are we talking about that has all these benefits, then the answer to that question would be top sativa strains.

It is true that these sativa strains can be your good companion during the day if you want to say energetic and high. First of all, you must understand that not all cannabis strains would give you these benefits. There are some under the sativa category that can really give a promise of energy and motivation. This is because sativa strains trigger the release of dopamine inside the body. This hormone will give you euphoric effects and even increase your energy level.

The top sativa strains are what you need if you want these dopamine hormones to be released in your body. Besides that, it can also make you more focused and creative. No wonder why artists and musicians alike are using sativa strains these days for their work and success. You too can use this for all types of activities, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes. Here are the details about the top 10 Sativa strains for energy:

1.) Durban Poison: One of the top sativa strains

If an increase in energy level and sweet scent is what you are looking for, then definitely the Durban poison sativa strain is a good choice for you. Using this gives you a taste of mind and sweet pine combined together. Overall, it will give you pleasurable moments that you would want to ask for more. Besides the taste, this sativa strain is fully loaded with properties that can stimulate your mind and body. It stimulates your brain to function more and your body to become hyperactive. It is just a perfect choice for anyone who needs to overcome constant fatigue. If this sativa strain is your choice, make sure to be mindful of the dosage as well as the side effects to keep safe and well.

2.) Sour Diesel

The sour diesel sativa strain is quite different in terms of flavor and aroma. Unlike other types, this one has a diesel-like aroma. However, it is effective in terms of increasing your energy level and alleviating anxiety, pain, stress, and depression. The best part is that its effects last longer. So, there is nothing to worry about when you use this first thing in the morning. You can feel relax and happy all throughout the day. The sour diesel sativa strain is also a popular one because it was bred and discovered many years ago. Until now, it rings in the ears of all cannabis users around the world.

3.) Super Lemon Haze

This sativa strain is a three-way cross between the Super Lemon Haze cannabis strain, the Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain, and the Lemon Skunk Cannabis Strain. You will also love this because although it is considered a potent one, it gives a super fresh feeling. You will need this if you want to regain your energy and motivation after a long day of work. This is also what you need if you want to improve your focus and be alert always.

4.) Mango Haze

Just by the name itself, you can really tell that this sativa strain has great flavors. Yes, it has a wide variety of fruity flavors to choose from for your pleasure. Using this can give you an uplifting feeling. It keeps you alert and awake during the day. Using this gives a buzzing effect to your mind, keeping you creative and focus. The good news is that the Mango Haze sativa strain has both THC and CBD in its content, making it a powerful sativa strain for treating different types of health conditions.

5.) Red Congolese

Just like other types of sativa strains that give energy, the Red Congolese can also give you pleasurable flavors to choose from. Its main effect is physical in nature, which means that it gives your body a buzz the moment you use it. This is good news especially if you want to get high and energetic right away. The other benefits you can get are mental clarity and focus.

6.) Pineapple Express

This type of sativa strain is a cross between the Hawaiian cannabis strain and the Trainwreck cannabis strain. It is a flavorful yet potent type of strain that requires precaution when used. The good news is that it has mango, pineapple, pine, cedar, and apple as its aroma. Since it has long-lasting effects, you can use this if you want to stay productive and creative.

7.) Jack Herer

This is another famous sativa strain because of its history and name origin. Not only will this sativa strain make you energetic, but as well as make you creative. It can physically motivate you and mentally uplift you when used.

8.) Super Silver Haze

This strain is a hybrid that is a four-way cross between the Skunk, the Haze, the Super Silver Haze, and the Northern Lights cannabis strain. Just like many other sativa strains, it has long-lasting effects and can provide happiness, energy, and focus.

9.) Strawberry Diesel

If you want to have an upbeat type of feeling or energy, then this is what you are looking for. As the name suggests, the Strawberry Diesel tastes like fresh strawberries. It is perfect for both medicinal and recreational use. It is what you need to stay productive.

10.) Jillybean

Jillybean is a sativa strain that will give you a feeling of flying in the air after use. With this, you feel so inspired and motivated, but most of all, your energy level gets boosted. These are some of the benefits that most users are looking for. And because of its sweet fragrances, others have considered it as an aromatherapy for them.

There are still a lot of top sativa strains that can boost your energy level. To know more about them, you can talk to a consultant or an expert for help.