When it comes to pure sativa strains, you are talking about plants that grow all over the world. It actually comes in a wide variety of options to choose from. A lot of people, especially experienced cannabis growers like to cultivate their own sativa strains simply because these plants are excellent in the market and also offers marvellous effects to the mind and body.

Most of these pure Sativa strains can be found in the regions of Thailand, Sumatra, Jamaica, Colombia, and Nigeria. These days, Sativa plants are being imported to different regions and places in the world, especially to nations where marijuana is legal.

There are different kinds of pure sativa strains. You might begin to wonder which of these strains are good as of 2018. Which of these strains are viewed as superb and mainstream? In the event that you are pondering about it, read this article beneath so you can know the best 10 Unadulterated Sativa Strains 2018.

1.) Ghost Train Haze

Try not to belittle the quality and power of the Phantom Train Dimness Cannabis Strain since this has been considered as the most grounded strains on Earth. That is the reason why it is number 1 on our list. This cannabis strain is a cross between the Neville’s Wreck Cannabis Strain and the Ghost OG Cannabis Strain. It has been known to increase your energy level. Cultivating this type of strain is also easy since it is resistant to pests and molds. Using this needs precautions because of its high THC level which is around 28%. For best results, cultivate this strain in an outdoor setting.

2.) Bruce Banner Pure Sativa Strains

We can say that the Bruce Banner cannabis strain is famous in first world countries, especially the United States, knowing that it was first bred there by the Delta9 Labs. This is also the reason why it is famous in the US these days. It is also considered a very potent cannabis strain considering its THC level is around 29%. The appearance of this strain is sticky and it grows well in a dry climate. If you want to cultivate this outside, make sure they are protected from harsh weather conditions like rain. We make this number 2 in our list because it is a super famous and in demand pure sativa strain in 2018.

3.) Chernobyl

Not only is the Chernobyl Cannabis Strain is a pure Sativa strain, but it is also an eye-catching one. Its breeder is the TGA Subcool Seeds and its THC level is around 30. The reason why it is one of the strongest is because of its high THC level. The good news is that it has many beneficial properties in its content, helping both the sick and well. They say that it is best to cultivate this plant in an indoor environment, however it can still be cultivated well in an outdoor setting since it can tolerate high temperate and humidity levels. Also, it is highly resistant to molds and pests. Today, a lot of people want to cultivate this plant because it produces quality results.

4.) Amnesia Haze

Over the years, the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain has been considered as one of the best pure sativa strains all around the world. In fact, it has won many awards in the Cannabis Cups for the past 5 years. You can really say that this strain is a famous one. It has a THC level of 25 percent, so it may only be suitable for experienced users. Besides that, it is known to evolve into a gigantic plant. Cultivating this is quite easy considering it is resistant to pests and molds. As for the name itself, the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain can really make you forget your name when you use it.

5.) Strawberry Cough

This strain is number 5 in our list because of its fruity and satisfying flavors. If you are someone who likes this kind of flavor, then the Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain is definitely for you. It is unlike others that grow into a gigantic plant because this strain has a medium size structure. You can cultivate this either in an indoor or outdoor setting and pretty much easy since it is mold resistant. If you are looking for a pure sativa strain that is both effective and pleasurable at the same time, then this is a good choice for you.

6.) Green Crack

This pure sativa strain is a favorite among users and cannabis growers. It is a famous strain because it can increase your energy level, with its 20% THC level in its content. It has around 40% CBD, which makes it a good choice for deep relaxation for your mind and body. When full grown, it looks like a Christmas tree, with stinky buds. For cultivators, no need to worry about molds anymore when cultivating this plant because this is resistant to molds. If you need some motivation, you got this plant to the rescue.

7.) Maui Wowie

The Maui Wowie is a famous cannabis strain because it exists for many decades already. What makes it stunning is its effects and fruity flavors. If you are patient enough, cultivating this plant would be the right one for you. It may be called a legend in the cannabis world, cultivating this plant may take a lot of patience since it flowers longer. Nonetheless, it products quality result and offer a good reward for cultivators during harvest time.

8.) Laughing Buddha

Want to have that tropical vibe when using cannabis strain? The laughing Buddha pure sativa strain is a good choice for you. With this, you will really laugh and giggle, making you like a social butterfly that is full of energy and spirit. Make sure to be careful when using this though because it has a 22% THC level.

9.) Bay 11

It is called the beauty queen of the pure sative strains world. The Bay 11 cannabis strain is there to impress because of its appearance and effects. It has a THC level of around 21%, so you must take precautions when using this. This strain has also gained a good reputation over the years because of its flavors and quality. It makes a great yield too.

10.) Strawberry Sour Diesel

If you are looking for a pure sativa strain that tastes like candy, then the Strawberry Sour Diesel is what you are looking for. This strain will increase your energy level, uplift your mood, make you happy and enthusiastic. It is also a good choice for cannabis growers if they are looking for a quality and rewarding yield. They can cultivate this either in an indoor or an outdoor environment. Either way, these plants can resist diseases and molds. Though it has a high THC level, you will love its delightful tastes and flavors. For sure, you will be asking for more!

These are the top 10 pure sativa strains. Knowing these strains gives you an idea of what to choose from and what to use according to your goals and needs. A lot of times these strains are being used for medicinal and recreational purposes. These will come in handy and will be a good companion for you throughout the day.