ck market. The cannabis industry is continuing to surprise us with new marijuana-infused products in the market like marijuana perfumes. Aside from people searching for feminized marijuana seeds for sale online, they are now also checking for marijuana-infused perfumes. ck market. The cannabis industry is continuing to surprise us with new marijuana-infused products in the market like marijuana perfumes. Aside from people searching for feminized marijuana seeds for sale online, they are now also checking for marijuana-infused perfumes.

Are you afraid that someone might smell marijuana scent from you? Well, some people don’t just bother wearing skunk scent in their body but they love this fragrance. Nowadays, marijuana perfumes have become the latest trend in the beauty and wellness industries. Some people saw that there is a huge potential with this emerging cannabis product so they have started to develop different marijuana perfume scents. Cannabis plants combined with floral and earthy notes produced great smelling perfumes.

What is Marijuana Perfume?

The sense of smell allows organisms to identify food, potential mating partners as well as enemies and dangers. For mankind, smell plays a very important role to interact with the environment. In the modern-day, the scent has become an important thing to consider becoming more desirable. Few acknowledge that the smell of cannabis can also be desirable for consumers. This is why they create a perfume scent inspired by cannabis terpenes. Orchidia defines terpenes as “chemical compounds that determine the way a plant tastes and smells”. Just like any other botanical plants, cannabis also produces terpenes.

Cannabis plants are some of the most underused aromatic essence available. Marijuana perfumes have floral, piney, and earthy inspired smells with hints of cannabis characteristic skunky scent. The strain of cannabis plants also affects the end product of marijuana-infused perfumes. The two kinds of marijuana perfume include a scent that comes from real cannabis plants, and the other kind is the one that has no cannabis content but is created to capture the marijuana scent.

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Cannabis Perfume Helps the Marijuana Industry Normalization

Not only you can use marijuana to make textiles, medicines, and cosmetics but it can also be made into perfumes. In just a few more years marijuana perfume may become a normal scent selection in the market. More and more industries are beginning to recognize the potential of cannabis plants after some states have legalized marijuana to accommodate their use.

As we sail in the new direction of accepting cannabis clothing, medicine, and even perfumes a lot of people are starting to agree that marijuana is a useful plant after all. Recent developments like creating cannabis perfumes add an aesthetic vibe to the marijuana industry.

10 Best Marijuana Perfumes in the Market

Selling marijuana perfume despite being legal in some states in the U.S. is still considered to be tricky . Cannabis flowers produce a powerful scent that even from afar the aroma smells intense and skunk-like. Many still think that spraying this scent will be less than appealing but mixing the perfect types of cannabis and other floral scents make the perfume smelling fresh and invigorating. Let’s see some of the best marijuana perfumes brands or products available today.

1. Cannabis Santal by Fresh

This brand offers one of the best cannabis perfumes that are specifically made for men. Cannabis Santal by is striking, sensual and masculine. This perfume does not only contain various blends of wild strawberries, kumquat, and dark plum but also it includes fresh cannabis flowers. This perfume also has a hint of vanilla musk that makes this product more invigorating and irresistible.

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2. Cannabis by Malin+Goetz

This marijuana perfume is a combination of a spicy and chic mix of herbs as well as floral scents. Cannabis by Malin+Goetz has a top scent of bergamot as well as black pepper and middle tone floral scent of magnolia. This brand gives a scent that will make a bold statement with a lingering smokiness. Cannabis by Malin+Goetz also does not contain THC which makes the perfume simply bring the scent of cannabis herbs and not to make someone high.

3. Black Afgano by Nasomatto

This perfume is a mix of woody notes, coffee, and smoke which is a perfect blend and can certainly keep you on an olfactive high for long hours.

4. Smoke for the Soul by Kilian

This perfume is not as heavy as you would think. Smoke for the Soul by Kilian has notes of uplifting eucalyptus, grapefruit as well as cardamom and base of mate tea, aromatic spices, and tobacco.

5. Opus VII by Amouage

This product is an aromatic green fragrance designed for both men and women with notes of cannabis resin and a fruity-smoky zest of pink pepper, quickly changing to grainy chocolate patchouli and cardamom.

6. REPLICA Music Festival

This product gives an earthy and warm scent. REPLICA Music Festival is created to take you back to the days of Woodstock and induce a state of nirvana. The overall fragrance is woody, spicy as well as includes cannabis accord, patchouli essence, and leather accord.

7. Purple Haze by 1969

This product is one of the best marijuana perfumes on the market because it is suitable for all genders. Purple Haze by 1969 has base notes that include vanilla, patchouli, black pepper, white musk, and dry wood. The combination of different herbs and floral scents gives a hearty musk that is popular in the late 60s era.

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8. FloraBotanica by Balenciaga

This perfume is considered the most exclusive brand with cannabis content on the market. FloraBotanica by Balenciaga gives a scent of modern and flowery, with a hemp twist fragrance. The perfume’s top notes include carnation, wild mint, Turkish rose essence, hemp leaves, Vetiver roots, and white amber.

9. Herb Essntls

This perfume is for an individual who likes to dip their toes into cannabis culture without smelling like you just smoked marijuana.

10.Nico CBD Cologne Oil

This cologne oil has a lovely scent with a hint of orange flower, sandalwood, and jasmine.  Nico CBD Cologne Oil gives an immediate relaxing effect that you get from the microdose of CBD oil.


These marijuana perfumes are worth checking out no matter if you’re someone who enjoys marijuana or not. Who knows marijuana perfumes or colognes might become the next big cannabis gift in the years to come.