Healthline reveals that autoflowering cannabis plants are what the name suggests. These plants will automatically produce flowers without the need to place the plants under controlled light levels to trigger flower production. This autoflowering feature makes these perfect for a wide variety of environments.

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Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main psychoactive c0annabinoid that is found in cannabis. THC causes the experience of getting “high” that’s usually common in marijuana. But THC is completely different from CBD in such a way that it is not psychoactive. This makes CBD a good option for patients that need pain relief minus any mind-altering effects common in cannabis and from other pharmaceutical drugs.

CBD oil is from extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. This extract is diluted using a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil is actually the most common. CBD oil is also fast becoming more and more popular. It is now used in many health and wellness practices. There are also scientific studies that confirm that this oil may treat a number of ailments including conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety.

Autoflowering cannabis plants also have quicker growth. CBD autoflowering cannabis seeds are among the fastest when it comes to flowering and harvest times. The rapid growth rate of autos makes these able to adapt to cooler climates. Actually, this type of cannabis will complete its cycle in slightly over three months. Because these are not dependent on changing light levels, these seeds can handle outdoor urban and suburban settings. But not all autoflowering strains of cannabis are made equal. Here are some of the top highest CBD auto cannabis seeds that you should include in your to-grow list.

  1. Northern Light Automatic
    Northern Light’s autoflowering cannabis seeds version is a very popular strain that has been used by many seasoned growers. Northern Light is a potent strain made by combining an indicia with some sativa and this has led to very high levels of cannabidiol or CBD. Northern Light is so potent that anyone new to this strain should watch out. It can give you couch-locked or relaxing Northern Light’s high CBD levels have also made it a good natural analgesic ideal for removing headaches, migraines, muscle pains, and chronic pain. It can also deal with insomnia as well as anxiety. This can also reduce tension which is common during a very tiring day at work. Northern Lights is quite tall for an indica-dominant strain. It is also able to create large dense buds with a delectable sweet taste in just two and a half months of growing.
  2. Amnesia Haze Automatic
    One way to liven up your day is with Amnesia Haze. This is a very potent sativa strain because of its sativa lineage. Sativa is strong in tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which produces the classic euphoric heady high. And while this is not a good thing for most medicinal uses, THC strains can be used to reduce depression and improve poor appetite. There are people who have been diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder also claim that THC helps them improve attention. Amnesia Haze sativa lineage is the reason why it grows tall and can reach up to five feet. Because of this size, the strain will give you up to 40 to 150 grams of sweet buds in just less than three months.
  3. Royal Dwarf
    Another autoflowering strain is the Royal Dwarf. This strain will let you grow cannabis seeds even if you don’t have enough space. These plants will not exceed 60 cm or under two feet. But despite its size, this strain has more to offer. Royal Dwarf can produce 60 grams of buds in no more than just a month. Royal Dwarf looks like an indica strain but still has sativa lineage that is responsible for its energetic high and an overpowering relaxed feeling.
  4. Royal AK Automatic
    Royal Automatic has a sativa background which is why it grows less than a meter or about 40 inches. This is one of the most popular cannabis strains for people looking for a euphoric high. Royal AK Automatic will be able to produce about 160 grams of bud in just as quick as two-and-a-half months. This has a sweet flavor that induces a creative rush combined with a bit of mellow relaxation. This can be your strain if you are looking for a relaxing high after a very tiring day.
  5. White Widow Automatic

One of the classic strains is White Widow. This strain may have given birth to a number of amazing strains that you have grown to enjoy over the years. White Widow is clearly indica dominant because of its very potent high. White Widow Automatic plants are perfect for indoor production which can provide you with plants that can only grow only half a meter or just over a foot tall. There are also White Widow Automatic varieties that can grow twice this tall. White Widow is a very productive strain. You will be able to grow from 190 to 240 grams of buds with a lemony taste. This is effective in the relief of pain. It can also improve mood and can provide long-lasting anxiety-relieving effects. Flowers of White Widow can produce flowers in just a month and two weeks.

  1. Royal Haze Automatic
    Haze may already parent a wide variety of medical and recreational cannabis strains. It comes from a famous line of sativa cannabis which is known to be very large plants and can take a very long time to grow. You will be able to buy cannabis seeds that can produce a number of amazing medical benefits. Royal Haze Automatic, on the other hand, maintains a compact form and will grow no more than one meter or just under 3 feet. This plant is ready for harvest in just three months of growing. You will get moderate yields of up to 180 grams of weed which will surely propel you in a number of mind-expanding trips
  2. Royal Creamatic
    Royal Creamatic will give you awesome yields in just a matter of two months. This strain has a compact structure and will not grow more than one meter or just under three-and-a-half feet. You will have plants that are loaded with delectable buds with Royal Creamatic. You will be able to get up to 165 grams of buds and maybe even more provided you train your plants early. The high of this strain is powerful and very sedating; these effects are perfect for the treatment of a variety of conditions. And true to its name Royal Creamatic has a tantalizing caramel flavor that will surely get you hooked.
  3. Royal Bluematic
    Combine Blueberries with a ruderalis and you get the Royal Bluematic. This auto strain is actually something new from Royal Queen cannabis seeds and is known for its powerfully fragrant blueberry taste. You will see that after only a week into the plant’s third month, Royal Bluematic’s flowers will just be a few but each bud will be loaded with considerably large yields totaling 120 grams. This auto strain has high CBD levels with flowers that can be used for recreation and also for the therapeutic relief of pain, anxiety, and
  4. Quick One
    The Quick One is so named because of its easy flowering stage. Quick One will flower quickly and has dense and compact buds. This plant will not grow more than 60 centimeters or two feet, therefore, you can grow this indoors or even in a small grow closet. The Quick One has a mixed ancestry which is a combination of indica, ruderalis, and sativa strains. This strain is used for its moderate calming high plus a subdued refreshing effect that you won’t forget. This plant may grow small but it can grow very quickly. You will also be able to harvest at least 150 grams from each plant come harvest time. Quick One is offered feminized to avoid checking the gender of your plants and possible accidental pollination of female plants.
  5. Easy Bud
    What could be easier to grow than Easy Bud? This strain is ideal for people who don’t want any worries and stress when growing cannabis. Easy Bud a fantastic choice for novice growers too because it is very easy to cultivate. People who have pain and those who want to feel that awesome couch-lock experience. Easy Bud is very potent and it is so because of its indica lineage. These plants will be ready for harvest in just two months of cultivation. You can guarantee a moderate yield and get up to 165 grams of delicious weed from a plant that is just 60cm tall or two-foot plants. Another good thing about this strain is you can grow it almost anywhere because of its size. Although it’s best to grow this outdoors, you will also be able to cultivate this indoors or in a tiny grow cabinet or tent.