This is the list of the best autoflowering cannabis strains available today. Marijuana enthusiasts are always asking this question, what is the fastest autoflowering strain? Below are the famous and fastest growing cannabis strains today. Autoflowering strains are some of the most sought-after types of cannabis in the world because of how easy they are to grow and how fast they are when it comes to delivering a good harvest. In fact, autoflowering strains are often grown particularly for their speed. If you are in the market for some quick strains, here are some of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market. Here is the list of the Fastest growing AutoFlowering Cannabis Strains

1.) Quick One

As the name might have already suggested, this strain literally is a quick one. Quick One can trace its roots to Lowryder, the original and first pure autoflowering strain. Due to its genetics, it doesn’t have the highest THC levels but it is a compact plant that delivers Indica-dominant effects. And despite its size, it can still give you quite a generous harvest. Giving justice to its name, it has a flowering period of about eight to nine weeks. Quick One is definitely belongs to the fastest autoflowers today!

2.) 60 Day Wonder

If you want a cannabis strain that delivers returns to your investments very quick, then 60 Day Wonder should be in your garden. As you might have already guessed, it has a life cycle of about 60 days counted from the day it was planted. Because of that, this short and compact plant can be harvested to up to about six times in a single year. This makes it a great choice for those wanting a commercial plant that can immediately deliver returns. Bred by brothers Don and Aaron, 60 Day Wonder was designed for the commercial market and is a strain that should not be missed out by anyone wanting to make a quick buck from their cannabis operations back at home. This strain surely is one of the fastest autoflowering cannabis today.

3.) Auto Blueberry

Based on the popular Blueberry strain, Auto Blueberry was bred to be the autoflowering version of that legendary classic. It still carries the same kind of blueberry scent and potent effects that made Blueberry so popular as an Indica. Auto Blueberry can also be called the dream plant of any grower because of how easy it is to cultivate and how generous it is when it comes to delivering yields. This easy-to-manage and euphoric kind of strain will produce buds in about eight to ten weeks. Reason why this counts as one of the fastest growing marijuana strain.

4.) Easy Bud

Easy Bud was created by crossing ruderalis with White Indica. The result was an Indica-dominant strain that has an earthy kind of an aroma and effects that deliver a mellow kind of calm and relaxing vibe. It is not the most potent strain because of its low THC levels but it is a favorite nonetheless precisely because of its ruderalis qualities. Being an autoflowering plant, it is quite easy to grow (as the name suggests) and yields quite a generous harvest. This small plant can be grown in any kind of environment and can fit any kind of space thanks to its compact size. You can expect it to flower in about eight to nine weeks making this one of the fastest autoflower strain today.

5.) Northern Lights Auto

Nobody in the cannabis community has never heard of the all-time great strain called Northern Lights. This version is its autoflowering brother and has the same kind of effects that made Northern Lights so popular. It brings about a relaxing buzz that tends to induce a euphoric sensation to make the user feel happy and uplifted. On top of that, it is a lot easier to grow compared to the original Northern Lights and is quite compact and small. On average, it will flower in about 56 days. That makes it one of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds ever.

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6.) White Russian Auto

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain was created from the genetics of White Russian, which was probably crossed with a strain that can trace its roots to ruderalis. One of the most unstable types of strains on the market, it can be quite unpredictable when it comes to yields and effects but it mostly delivers the relaxing kind of buzz that Indica plants are known for. For an autoflowering plant, it isn’t the easiest strain to grow but it still has the same kind of small and compact size that autoflowers are known for. You can expect it to be available for harvest in a minimum of nine weeks making this one of the fastest growing cannabis strain available today.

7.) Critical Jack Auto

Popular for its taste and powerful effects, Critical Jack comes in an autoflowering version that stays true to the original as much as possible. Critical Jack Auto carries the same kind of scent that made the original version so popular and sought-after. The best part is that it is an autoflowering plant that only needs a minimum of 70 days to be ready for harvest making it count on the fastest growing autoflower list. While it isn’t the most potent strain (with THC levels that are only as high as 14%), this indica-dominant autoflower is still great in its own right because its moderate CBD levels make it a good medicinal option.

8.) Jack Herer Auto

Like Northern Lights, Jack Herer remains as one of the most popular and beloved strains of all time. This autoflowering variant of Jack Herer happened when the original strain was cross-bred with a Ruderalis. Though it only has THC levels that are about 16%, it still carries the same energetic and uplifting kind of high that Jack Herer is known for. The best part is that it comes in a compact autoflowering size that performs really well indoors. Jack Herer Auto will be ready for harvest in about nine to ten weeks and is a lot easier to grow compared to the original Jack Herer which makes it to our list of fastest autoflowers today.

9.) Pineapple Punch Auto

Born from the cross between Pineapple and Grapefruit, Pineapple Punch Auto packs a fruity kind of scent and taste that makes it a delectable weed in terms of overall flavor. That said, it is a popular strain because of its lovely and delicious experience. Quite a creeper itself, Pineapple Punch Auto needs quite some time before it manifests its effects. But when it does, it can leave you with a mellow relaxing feeling that is typical of most Indica-dominant autoflowers. Being an autoflower plant, Pineapple Punch Auto is a great option for indoor and discreet growing and will be ready for harvest in as quick as 65 days. However, the average growing period is somewhere between 70 and 80 days which makes it on our fastest autoflower strains list.

10.) Lowryder

You can’t have a list of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds without the original autoflower. Being the first pure autoflowering strain, Lowryder remains as the most popular of its kind. It carries the lovely effects of Northern Lights, which is one of its parent strains, and has the sweet and citrusy flavor that it is known for in the cannabis community. Because of its ruderalis roots, it can resist quite a lot of adverse conditions and is easy to grow. That said, growers won’t need a lot of experience and effort when it comes to cultivating this plant. It will be ready for harvest in about eight to nine weeks and makes it to our fastest autoflowers list!

While the plants on this list are among the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds available, any good autoflowering strain tends to grow quicker than the average marijuana plant. After all, autoflowering strains are known for delivering good harvests faster than normal strains do. That is what makes them special for commercial growers.