In the past couple of weeks, I have received a lot of messages in my inbox from you asking about CBD oil. A lot of you have asked me about this particular new ingredient. And some of you who already know about CBD oil has asked recommendation for the best CBD oil. I’ll cover both these topics today. So let me start by explaining what CBD oil is.

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CBD oil or Cannabinoid oil is basically a component extracted directly from the hemp plant. It is the same plant that is used to make recreational drug marijuana and hashish.

For those of you who already knew about CBD oil’s origins, I want to tell you that CBD oil is completely safe to use. It has nothing to do with the part of the hemp plant that causes a high. So a lot of you who were concerned about the psychoactive effects of CBD oil, you need not worry because this component is incapable of intoxicating your body.

The component that does intoxicate your body is known as THC. Both CBD and THC are present in the hemp plant. The only difference is that CBD oil has many therapeutic uses while THC is used for recreational purposes only.

CBD oil, when used in products like gels, tinctures, oils, creams, and vapes provides you with many health benefits. If you’re suffering from anxiety, migraine, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, pain, and other health problems, CBD is actually very good for you.

Now that I have answered your question about CBD oil origins and whether it is safe to use or not, let me move on to the next concern.

So a lot of you have been asking me about my recommendation when it comes to CBD oils. Personally, I have only been using CBD products purchased through Thought Cloud. So if you want my top recommendation for CBD oil, I’d say that you should buy it from this brand.

Why do I recommend Thought Cloud? Here’s my take on this.

When I first found out about CBD oils, I was just as concerned as you are today. I had speculated that CBD would cause a high when used. But when I found out about Thought Cloud, I also found out that CBD oils do not cause a high if the component is extracted properly.

Thought Cloud has perfected the extraction process and guarantees that each and every product of theirs has less than 0.003% of THC in it. Getting high on this much THC is impossible even if you were to chug the full bottle of CBD oil through your mouth.

The biggest reason why I chose Thought Cloud is that I know a few people who claimed to feel dizzy after using CBD oils from other companies. This is probably due to the fact that some amount of THC still lurks in the CBD even after extraction, unless of course if you buy from Thought Cloud, you get a pure product that doesn’t cause a high.

But this is not the only reason why I love Thought Cloud so much and recommend it to everyone. It is also because Thought Cloud is apparently the only company producing CBD oil that is sourced from locally grown hemp plants.

This is something that attracted me a lot. Since the company acquires its CBD from within America, it is reason enough to put all your trust in them. America has a strict policy against usage of THC and has banned the use of THC in every state. But with properly acquired CBD that has low amounts of THC, any company can easily sell and ship it to 50 states.

Thought Cloud is currently the only company that has received the safe to operate certificate from the health watchdogs of America.

The quality of the product is also quite apparent from the first time you hold the bottle. Everything from the packaging to the product itself screams high quality and effectiveness. This is something I had never experienced with any other brand of CBD oil.

Plus I love the fact that Thought Cloud is experimenting a lot with CBD. You’ll find a large catalogue of products made with CBD that may pique your interest immediately. For example, the Thought cloud is the only company here in America that is producing CBD infused bath bombs!

So if you were thinking about trying CBD oil, I would highly recommend getting your first bottle from Thought Cloud.