While there is currently an abundance of strong cannabis strains that are available for purchase for quite some time now, there are still new advances in the cannabis breeding industry every day. Here we will be presenting to you the most potent strains out of the bunch that are popular today. We will feature strains like Triple G and Cookies Gelato as well as those that have been crashing this game since way before.

To know which is the strongest is pretty a straightforward thing as we just based this on some factors that determine the quality of THC in the buds, when these strains are grown perfectly in a controlled environment, meaning their potentials are being maximized hence producing top-quality buds.

What are the strongest Cannabis strains out there?


This is a crossbreed between 2 sugary strains the Gelato and the Girl Scout Cookies. This is where the name is derived obviously and this is just a recent entry on the top list and is deserving with the title. Considering its sweet delicious taste and aroma inherited from its parent strains, it also packs quite a lot of THC at around 28%. Cookies Gelato delivers a euphoric rush that is also relaxing at the same time. This hybrid will ensure you do not go too deep in a single direction, even if you’ll surely hit the sky with this one. So, without a doubt, this is not truly recommended for novice smokers as it may become too powerful for you, but seasoned smokers with high tolerance levels will surely enjoy the unforgettable experience it brings in.


The Gorilla genetics has only been made available outside the US just recently. So, this is the perfect time to experience this brain popping strain! Its light green buds are super pleasant to look at and pack THC levels at around 26%. This is a balanced hybrid that breeders have just stumbled upon. It’s strong euphoric effects come with delicious citrus flavors with hints of pine. Its balanced high makes it perfect for use therapeutically and is really recommendable for several conditions like pain, anxiety and depression.


This strain is a product of the San Francisco bay area. Green Gelato is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast who loves sweets. This is a cross between the Thin Mint Cookies and the Sunset Sherbet which are also famous on their own for their sweet sugary flavors with a solid punch and will surely get you high. The combination of these 2 parent strains actually resulted in a sweeter strain that brings with it a whopping 25% THC level. Its super intoxicating combination of sharp mint, with fruity tones or spicy kush and warm cookie flavors must be tasted for you to believe it! It’s Surreal! The effects are more of an uplifting feeling that is a body high that could lead to a couch-lock.


One of the first states to embrace the marijuana culture was Colorado, as they are the first ones who also legalized its recreational use. This being said, an early boom on the number of breeders that cultivates the most impressive strains known to man. One of them that really stood out and has taken the dispensaries by storm was the Hulkberry Strain. This even reached places in Europe and beyond due to its top-shelf qualities. This is one of the strains today that has developed a cult status due to the number of smokers that stick to this strain as their top favorite. Hulkberry strain won the Cannabis Cup in 2014. It was undeniable what power this strain brings with a whopping 28% and can do more! A cross between the Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, it is only to say this mix of indica and Sativa effects are delivered through a delicious fruity flavor profile.