Stranger’s Guide: First Time Using Marijuana

Cannabis’ reputation has been improving lately with the discovery and further studies into its harmlessness and unlimited medical potential. Some countries such as Canada and some states in the United States have already legalized marijuana use both for recreational and medicinal purposes. In some countries and states, highly regulated use for medicinal use is allowed.

Only time will tell when marijuana will be finally made legal in some countries as well and you may be one of those wondering now whether you should try marijuana or not. Other burning questions are also appearing in your mind such as; what might getting-high do to you or how to know that you should stop and others. This collection of bits and pieces of advice is for you, on how to start as a first-time marijuana user.

Know Your Local Cannabis Law

This is probably the most important thing and where your marijuana exploits should begin. Googling about the legality of marijuana in your country, state or territory has been made easy and you may even ask a local legal expert to enlighten you on the matter. If marijuana is illegal in your place, then that’s the end of it and never even think of breaking the law just to satisfy your curiosity.

For most places, marijuana is considered a dangerous and addictive drug which are in line with crystal meth, cocaine, and other drugs and narcotics. Mere possession of marijuana is a criminal offense in many countries which will land you jail time.

Being legal in your country may also not mean that it is legal in your state or territory, so you better check that as well. The state or country you may be in may have harsher marijuana regulations than the neighboring state. Or even if marijuana use is perfectly legal in your place, both for recreational and medicinal purposes, there are still rules in place to ensure public order and avoid any form of abuse of the legality of marijuana because marijuana does contain psychoactive activities which may partly impair the user just like what alcohol does.

Know your local cannabis law and comply with it as much as you can.


As a first-time marijuana user, you may have a purpose other than curiosity. Other than curiosity, you may want to use marijuana as a recreational user or a medicinal user. Using marijuana for recreational purposes is using it for relaxation and as a form of social bonding with friends and colleagues. Using marijuana for medicinal purposes may mean that you are using marijuana because of a physical need to remedy yourself from chronic pain, inflammation, and some psychological conditions.

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Trying marijuana due to curiosity is perfectly fine but you need a deeper purpose to continue. When you try marijuana for the first time, you may immediately like you or you may not, especially the experience of getting high that is characterized by feelings of elation or euphoria that is brought by the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana. Your first-time use of marijuana may not even get you high at all as marijuana have different effects on different individuals and you may need to try a higher potency variety or something that has a flavor that you like.

Consumption Method

There are dozens of ways to consume marijuana, the most popular probably and is most associated with the marijuana subculture is a by smoking a joint. A joint is a rolled dried marijuana bud cigarette.

Yes, it is the bud or the flower that is being smoked and not the leaves as most people thought. A joint is something that you smoke the same way you smoke cigarettes. People also add pure marijuana oil to their joints for more effect.

Joints are made by rolling dried marijuana buds with rolling papers instead of paper used in cigarettes. Marijuana rolling papers are made of rice, hemp, flax, licorice, and others.

You may also smoke marijuana wax or oil using a dab rig. A dab rig is a contraption primarily made of glass where a part of it that is called a nail is heated using a blow torch. Once this nail that is made of glass, ceramic or titanium, you may put the pure marijuana oil or wax onto it and replace the glass dome of the dab rig over it and smoke its vapors from the other end. Oil and wax are more potent than dried marijuana buds and are more expensive as well.

Using a dab rig will give you a more potent inhalation as it quickly vaporizes marijuana into a smooth smoke and will quickly get you high as well.

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There are also electronic varieties of the dab rig as well which are more convenient and safer than the glass dab rig.

Vape sticks are also available to those who wanted to smoke more potent oil and wax instead of the regular joint.

But you may not know how to smoke or you don’t want to smoke, no worries, the same marijuana oil that you could use to smoke in a dab rig could be infused in food like cookies, bread, and others. This oil could also be found in tincture form that you could put below your tongue for quicker effect. There is also topical medication but that is never the same as marijuana that is smoked or used under your tongue.

Marijuana Types

Now, we will talk about the marijuana type. We are talking here about specific types of plants which could basically be divided into two. High-THC marijuana and High-CBD marijuana. Marijuana is composed of many different cannabinoids and other compounds that affect their taste and the way they affect the user psychologically.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive ingredient of most marijuana while cannabidiol or CBD is what is mostly referred to as the medicinal ingredient. CBD is also known to counteract THC and you will find that most high-THC marijuana has low CBD while high-CBD marijuana has low THC. So you choose whatever it is that you would like.

Being High and Stoned

You must know that CBD, despite not making you feel high may make you feel stoned. We’ve mentioned that being high is having feelings of elation while being stoned on the other hand is the feeling of being relaxed and wanting to sleep. High-THC marijuana varieties may still make you stoned after a few hours of being high as its effect subsides.

Adverse Effects

Marijuana smoking by a pregnant woman is reported to affect the fetus by slowing its growth and may lead to some abnormalities as well. It is also not advised for breastfeeding mothers because it affects the growth of the breastfed baby.

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Marijuana is also known to increase heart rate, increase blood pressure which may, therefore, lead to a heart attack. It also affects medicine that thins the blood as marijuana does the exact opposite of blood-thinning medicine that is used by people who have high blood pressure and some heart conditions.

Marijuana also has a profound effect on the central nervous system which is why marijuana users are advised not to use any for two weeks before any surgery due to its contraindication against anesthesia. Use of marijuana may also aggravate the effect of any sedative that you are taking which will lead to too much sleepiness.

Despite being known to have lessened symptoms of epilepsy and seizure, marijuana may even worsen it for some people. So, if you’re using marijuana especially for medicinal use, do it with the advice of a doctor who will administer medical marijuana to you or prescribe you with the correct type and dosage.

Of course, High-THC marijuana may affect your motor skills immediately after use and may make you feel sleepy and drowsy, so never use marijuana a few hours before you drive, go to school or work. Even simple walking or climbing the stairs may get affected by marijuana use.

Never take marijuana while working too especially if you are going to operate dangerous equipment or even if you are expected to at work in an office for professional reasons. It is best to use marijuana the night before the weekend or if you’re using it for medical purposes, do it before sleep so that its psychoactive effect, if there is any, subsides in the evening.

General Advice

Get medical advice if you can before you use marijuana either for medical or recreational purposes. When taking marijuana for the first time, do it with trusted people of friends because strangers or dubious people might take advantage of you when you pass out. Being a first-time user meant that you should be taking things easy and not go head to head against other old-timers.

They say that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. So, with all these things checked you are now equipped with the proper information on how to start using marijuana.

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