Seeds vs Clones: How to Grow Cannabis Plants?

The mother seed of cannabis can guarantee consistency which is the main key for growers to dwell upon. When you choose to grow feminized cannabis seeds, the growers can deal with far better variability when it comes to growth patterns, soil attributes, nutrient needs, and temperature conditions. Take note that some stable seeds can produce a much lesser type of cannabis seeds. You can have a whole lot of canopy that you can find with clones. Here is the article why seed and a clone is different in growing cannabis plants.


The Efficiency of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

One of the primary benefits of getting cannabis mother seeds is that it will save all growers the time and money they have to invest in producing the yield they desire. Purchasing clones that are individually sold can get so pricy. So you really have to take your time to grow your very own crop and have it germinated handful with the same automatic feminized seeds as the mother plant.

In return, a quality mother plant can give you many quality clones despite the seasons. When they offer a product that all customers and client can demand from time to time or over and over again

The clones of feminized cannabis seeds guarantee that plants shall grow in the garden at the same rate. Also, if you want to grow a quality product that can produce as the same might as the mother plant where they come from. Now, let us take a look at why are these mother plants so important in such a way that you can produce a quality mother stock. Choosing how to protect and preserve automatic feminized seeds is a big decision that can guarantee a big profit for your company.

Planting established feminized cannabis seeds are more expensive than starting with seeds, but you’ll be able to see the plants in flower and receive instant gratification. Transplanting cannabis plants from pot to garden couldn’t be easier. To grow cannabis plants, just:

  • Choose a dry, sunny spot for your planting site.
  • Work the soil until it is loosened.
  • Add some compost and work that in with your soil.
  • Dig the same depth as the potted plant.
  • Remove the yarrow plant from the pot and place it in the hole.
  • Pat the dirt in around the plant.
  • Keep the plant evenly watered until you see signs of new growth.
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Growing Cannabis Plants through Cloning: A Method of Genetic Engineering

According to @Killa.Krissy, one of the renowned Instagram influencers for cannabis plants, when debating the pros and cons of cloning mother plants through genetic engineering, people often start by discussing whether there is even a need for genetic engineering. Scientists generally agree that genetic engineering could be used to fix severe genetic disorders in plants by replacing defective genes with healthy ones. In fact, this is an important tool in clinical trials, allowing scientists to study the function of specific genes.

By harvesting drugs, vaccines, and other elements from organisms that produce them naturally, doctors can more quickly treat conditions or even prevent them from occurring. Crops developed through genetic engineering grow faster, produce an increased yield, have a higher nutritional value, and have a greater tolerance to environmental stress. They achieve this by introducing the desired DNA directly into the host organism or into a specific cell that they then fuse which with a host.

The clones are all genetically similar to the mother plants as we select a quality type of mother plant. This is very crucial for a successful and bountiful harvest. Also, the pack of seeds can grow in the same strain as with others since there exist many different phenotypes or various physical outlook. There are different phenotypes of various plants which makes the selection process of the mother plant much more difficult. Hereinafter, here are the steps in selecting the best method for the mother plant:

1. Seed germination

2. Observe the sex of the plants on their vegetative stage then take a few more clones from each of the female plants. Label them on which seed they are coming from.

3. Clones will now proceed in their flowering stage from which they will keep their original growth on their vegetative stage.

4. Keep the new plants bloom their flow and have them harvested on time.

5. Observe which of the original plants on what type of clone plant you prefer the most so it will now become the new mother plant on your next vegetative stage.

Point of Differences between Clones and Seeds of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A special substance called chlorophyll makes the plants automatic feminized seeds appear green to our eyes. Most plants have this; even some that don’t seem to be green. That’s because chlorophyll is one of the most efficient energy producers in the world.

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Here are some notes to view at for how seeds and clones are different among feminized cannabis seeds.


The light from our sun, or even from a light bulb, comes in the form of photons. Photons contain energy, and when that energy is absorbed by a molecule of chlorophyll, it starts a chain reaction.

Chain Reactions

Imagine a line of dominoes you’ve carefully stood up on end. When you finally tip the first one over and enjoy that satisfying clack as each falling domino knocks over the one in front of it all the way down the line, you’re watching a chain reaction. When a photon enters a chlorophyll molecule, its energy acts as the first domino in the line: it shoves an electron within the chlorophyll molecule. That electron shoves the next one and the next one and so on down the line.


All that shoving and re-arranging eventually creates a new molecule that stores the energy from the photon in a new form called ATP. That ATP energy is then available to the plant to tap whenever it needs a jolt, sort of like a floral form of morning coffee.

The Coffee Machine

When you get energy from your morning coffee, you don’t (probably) just snack on coffee beans whole. There are some things you need to get that energy, like water, heat, and pressure. In a somewhat similar way, plants need two things to get their shot of ATP when they need it: carbon dioxide and water.

Water and Carbon Dioxide

Plants can get water from the ground with their root system. Some plants are good at getting water from deep in the ground. Others are good at surviving long droughts because they know how to manage sudden floods of water that would wash away other plants. Some plants need constant watering or need to live near a river or other water source. Some plants even live on top of the water.

Carbon dioxide comes from human beings and other animals. Plants could not live without us! We are the main source of carbon dioxide for them: carbon dioxide is a waste product of our physiological processes. In the same way, plants produce oxygen as a byproduct of their energy production. We are dependent on plants, and they are dependent on us.

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Plants use the ATP energy that their chlorophyll products, combined with carbon dioxide and water, to produce sugar. That sugar gives the plant energy. This whole process is called “photosynthesis,” which comes from Greek and literally means “light putting together.”

How to Create Feminized Cannabis Seeds

As a diploid, cannabis breeding is getting one chromosome from the father’s pollen and then placed on the ovum or the female parent. It will bear now two varieties of genes which is one coming from the chromosome strand. One will be an allele and one will not be. A practical experiment will be taking one standard plant of cannabis or a strain of germinating cheap feminized cannabis seeds. Cross it with a variety of feminization of cannabis seed strains as it supplies pollen coming from one female and one male parent.

Growing out the germinating feminized cannabis seeds, they will then act as standard seeds. This is done by selecting the best type of male parent and at least one female parent crossing them out together. In most cases, the resulting effect with 75% feminized strains and then 25% that is not. The more seeds that you plant, the closer that you get to the results on that specific ratio.

The cannabis plant requires a long dark period in order to get to the stage where flowering is concerned. However, there are varieties that shall affect the flower regardless of the conditions for light or temperature. These are what we all known as varieties of feminized cannabis seeds. It may not be very simple to explain but this is where breeders dwell their attention upon.

Some traits of the feminized cannabis seeds are really complicated and might require more than a single gene to express. The feminized cannabis seeds feature is one of the basic genetic traits that are in line with the simple laws of dominance and recessive. It is a recessive trait since it is an observable trait if given to an adolescent planting through feminized cannabis seeds with a standard. Keep them in a short period for a few weeks and they can grow standardly.

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