There are two ways to buy cannabis: online and offline. Whichever way you choose, the best cannabis seed bank will offer you several ways to pay for your order.

What are the Common Payment Options Accepted by the Best Cannabis Seed Bank?

Every seed bank wants to offer its customers a more convenient and seamless customer experience. Thus, most dispensaries these days accept some type of debit cards accompanied by surcharges. While it appears like a regular debit transaction, a dispensary employee uses the ATM with the augmented interface.

This person will request a withdrawal of your money. That is a simplified way to pay for cannabis seeds using ATM. Unfortunately, most ATMs do not accept credit cards, which is why paying by using credit cards quite difficult. Every dispensary that accepts credit cards will collect the payments made electronically at the end of the day. This will still include the standard fees.

Sometimes, a dispensary will accept credit, not debt. In such a scenario, the company has a credit account registered under its parent company’s name. All transactions will run under that name, which will prevent rousing the doubt of the banking regulators.

Every transaction occurs within the legally grey location. With that, the company does due diligence to follow the anti-money laundering law. Usually, the credit union or bank does business with a dispensary to catch on and close the account. Then, the dispensary becomes unable to accept payments using credit cards but will accept cash until they find another unsuspicious credit transactor.

How to Use Credit Cards to Pay for Your Cannabis Seeds?

The transaction begins with adding the item to the shopping cart. You check out as usual. After entering your address, the system will ask if you want to pay using a credit card for a specific charge.

If you select direct payment, the dispensary will give you instructions on how you can pay them using a direct payment option. This will include the order number you used as a payment reference.

You just need to make a bank transfer, send a postal order via mail, send the money order, or visit a bank and inform the dispensary to confirm that you’ve sent payment. That is when the dispensary will send your order.

Sending payments via mail takes a bit longer, but in case of a bank transfer, your payment will often show in the dispensary’s account immediately. Once confirmed, the dispensary will ship out your order the same day.

Whether you send cash in the bank branch or send money in the postal order via mail, your privacy is 100% sure.

Can You Pay Using Bitcoins?

Yes. A few dispensaries out there accept bitcoins as a good payment option for cannabis seeds. Those companies that accept bitcoins believe that seed collectors are more concerned about their privacy. For that, they think bitcoins is a good payment method for buying marijuana seeds.

As a digital currency, you can use bitcoins to buy weed without involving a bank, credit card, or any other 3rd party organization. The advanced military-grade encryption will mean when you buy cannabis using Bitcoin, the whole transaction will stay between you and the dispensary.

After placing your order, the dispensary will give you their bitcoin payment details. This includes the converted bitcoin cost and the address. All you need to do is follow the provided instructions for a hassle-free payment.

Dispensaries may also accept other forms of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Potcoin, and Litecoin. Ask them before placing your order.

How to Pay for Your Cannabis Seeds Using Cash?

The best cannabis seed bank is happier if you pay them in cash. You can also use cash to pay for your cannabis seeds. You can send it to them by mail. Put the cash in a thick envelope. Make sure you correct stamp the envelope before sending it to the dispensary’s given address.

The money should not stay visible from within. You can use a pair of cardboard. Avoid sending coins. Do not forget to add a note inside the envelope, indicating your name and the order number.

Sending cash is still at your own risk. You must keep an eye on the envelope. Use a return address, so you can get it back in case of loss.

What is the Safest Way to Pay for Your Cannabis Seeds?

As you can see, there are several possible payment options available in the best cannabis seed bank. But, for your safety, the best payment choice is still cash. It’s the only payment option accepted in every dispensary.

Cash is also the fastest and most convenient way to buy and pay for cannabis seeds in a dispensary or seed bank. For a worry-free experience, you should go to the nearest ATM of your preferred bank and withdraw your cash in advance. This will help you avoid pesky charges.

While most seed banks have an ATM, they often charge an extra fee on top of the standard fees the bank may charge for the out-of-network ATM.

Likewise, dispensary machines are often in use. That means they usually run out of money. Careful preparation and using a reliable ATM can help you avoid any problem while processing your payment.

Many dispensaries in Canada provide order-ahead choices through various companies. Thus, you will know how much your order is before it arrives. At the same time, you can easily send the exact amount of cash as payment.

Tips When Choosing a Good Cannabis Payment Solution

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you choose the right way to pay for your cannabis seeds:

  • Make sure your payment processing service understands the complex legal jargon. Find a provider who understands the legal aspects and can give you fast access to your cash. It is imperative to use a proprietary gateway which ensures the security and stability of credit card processing. Moreover, ensure that your processor accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Amex.
  • Search for the company that can provide you with more options. Your marijuana processing solution must have a well-designed system that aims to resolve issues in the marijuana industry. Likewise, it should be compliant with national and local laws and regulations. Make sure the company offers a merchant account for cannabis-related transactions, including CBD products, e-commerce, and marijuana paraphernalia.
  • Choose a company that has no monthly charges, setup charges, and gateway charges. Make sure your preferred marijuana payment processing company does not have hidden fees, termination charges, or monthly fees. Likewise, avoid paying a flat fee that exceeds 6 percent.
  • Transparency is a big issue. When selecting a payment solution, ask your preferred company how they handle transactions with more than $10,000. Likewise, look for a processor with the determination to establish a long-term relationship with you.
  • Begin with a small transaction. It is how you can get better support. To make that possible, pick a company that offers 24/7 support and will never tie you to any contract. Commit yourself to a month-to-month agreement.

Major Takeaways

As of now, no one got any money laundering and drug trafficking case from using a credit card at a seed bank with a disabled credit line. New technological options are now available to deal with payment conundrum.

Several monetary tech companies came up with excellent ways to process credit and even debit through applications on various smart devices. Since credit and cash are different, such options provide the seedbanks with improved compliance methods that can help them evade federal charges. Unfortunately, the regulatory bodies are not inspecting yet the inner functions of these applications.

The same with missing credit accounts, these electric payment choices will vanish overnight sometimes. But, while bigger tech firms and service providers enter the arena, these systems they build look much better and safer.

Many cannabis consumers hope that all dispensaries not just in Canada, but in other countries like Spain will accept all main payment options available for cannabis-related transactions.

Keep in mind that every dispensary or seed bank is different. Each one may put in place a specific payment system. Some accept credit cards, while others don’t. A few accept cryptocurrencies, while others stick to cash only.

Thus, you should choose the best cannabis seed bank. Also, make sure you call them in advance to know which payment option you can use when you order cannabis seeds from them. This way, your transaction will be totally fast and hassle-free.