Most of those who are looking into growing marijuana fall behind their schedule upon deciding on where to actually grow their plants. Generally, most people just don’t go out in the open and plant. There are usually prerequisites required when starting a grow. What is the minimum space for growing marijuana? Well that only depends based on your circumstance. Anything from an empty storage room or just an empty cabinet will be enough.

It is known that most home growers do not discuss your grow to anyone, whatever the reason is whether it is legit or not in your area. The best marijuana grower is the one that no one is even aware about.

It is just a compelling way to avoid any further issues from looters and the police. This way you will be focused and not try to maneuver your way out once you are already in that situation.

How to deal with minimum space for growing marijuana

1.) Grow Tents

We are lucky today since grow spaces have always been a concern among many growing starters, some big companies have ventured in and developed efficient grow tents for home use.. These are all fixed up with grow lights and fans which there alone already increases the viability of your plants to thrive and shine as the environment it produces has also been tested to provide ample supply for some plant’s requirements for growing. They come in several sizes between 2×3 ft up 10×10 ft in space.

2.) Use LED Lights

In case you grow in a tent or a space with no access to a good light source, going with LED grow lamps is the best option. HP lamps produce more light but it comes with a price of more heat as well which then would require you to improve your ventilation system. LED lights are perfect for low power consumption and low heat production.

Present day LED grow lights use about 40% less power and produce about half less warmth than HPS . Plus LED lights are easier to install as they can just crawl over your plants and not take any more headspace for your plants to grow into.

3.) Miniaturized scale Growing

Miniaturized scale plant grouping is what it basically means. It is growing a good amount of plants in a constrained grow space. This is excellent for novice growers who already have a good understanding of the strain you are growing and how much space they are taking.

The exact same process and strategies are applied with bigger growing setups but scaled to a smaller batch. To be successful, you should be able to provide the right amount of nutrients, water and light.

Can the Plants Breath?
No matter if you grow big or small, air flow is really a basic necessity for your plants to survive and flourish. Ventilation provides more than the supply of carbon dioxide, it also regulates the heat and the humidity in the space. As these two factors will cause major issues if left un regulated.

4.) Keep the relative humid levels in your grow zone down beneath 45%

The warmth should be at 85F and you will get away from 90% of the issues that could potentially happen.

Ventilation should improve airflow and at the same time function as an exhaust to expe fumes and bad air.

5.) Use the Right Container for you Set up

Plant containers play a huge role in the growth of your Marijuana plants. When you have a taller grow space, you can utilize this chance to increase the size of the container and the amount of the planting medium which should also be adjusted accordingly to provide an ample amount of growth space as well.

6.) Grow Indicas or Low Flyer Strains

Smaller spaces intuitively ask for smaller plants to accommodate. The advantage of these is small plants do not grow wildly and pose control over a specific area like how they are in their natural environments.

Choose these low flyer strains and breeds that are genetically modified to provide huge yields in small packages. This way, whatever space you have will be maximized with having to plant more plants in every batch.

Grow spaces can be modified and with these strategies you will be reaping your harvest in around 4 months total! Enjoy growing!