When we speak of marijuana seeds cultivation, we can always refer to the mother stock which is a very high-valued plan for all growers and gardeners. All mother plants can grow in a continuous vegetative phase as clones and they are repeatedly attached to them. Thus, it is an essential discussion with regards to the features of white marijuana seeds from its growing, potency, and yield.

Growing and Pollination

Once there’s stigma and pollen, it’s the flower’s mating season. Plants that flower require a medium for pollen delivery. Usually, it would be insects or other animals as well as wind alone. Most often, the nectar of the flowers would attract bees and pollen will attach to them and unintentionally be taken to another flower with nectars. But with an exception, you can cultivate cannabis before you know it.

A cannabis mother plant can ensure consistency which allows growers to come up with the same product over and over. When you grow from automatic seeds, the growers can deal with a wider array of variables when it comes to results and growth patterns, the resources required like nutrient needs and temperature will vary on every plant. We must remember that seeds that are stable can only produce lesser types of feminized auto seeds. There is much more coverage when it comes to clones.

Another advantage of maintaining mother plants is that it will allow growers to save time and money needed to complete the grow successfully. Clones are expensive when bought individually, so take your time to grow one yourself. Do this by germinating several feminized seeds and select the best one that turns up and cultivate from there.

Budding & Propagation

Based on Science, the buds growing becomes a separate entity from the one it is growing from. But cellular, this happens during mitosis when the splitting of cells identically happens. These cells continue to split until another organism is formed.

The budding process is a bit different. In propagating vegetatively, or multiplication or cloning autos. the plant parts that will develop buds become a new plant. As parts of the root, stem or leaves from the buds can grow roots.

This happens when a healthy part of the plant is cut and then re-planted to grow a new one. Also, if the plants are allowed to grow old they can sustain another life on them. The buds grow independently.

This process can happen if parts of the plant are removed from the original. If a plant becomes large enough to sustain additional plant growth it can also grow new plants. These buds grow into entirely new plants


Contingent upon their species, marijuana plants can be duplicated through either asexual or sexual propagation. With asexual proliferation, a living thing will create an identical clone of the parent organism. Sexual multiplication, in plants, is similar to sexual propagation in larger species. Male and female plant sex cells join to form one treated plant cell. This is a period when plants create flowers. The flowers help the plant sex cells get prepared. The offspring will turn into another plant, often products of the soil/seed that shares chromosomes with the cells.

The white marijuana seeds of cannabis plants need cross-pollination to produce buds for the yield of THC content. In reality, you’re just about harvesting the great yield from your white marijuana seeds! Before reaching 8 weeks, just a couple strains are harvestable. We must ensure to do final flushing, a process by giving an ample  water quantity to the plant before harvest. This is crucial to clear the plant with any residual nutrients in the system.

The fruity buds of white marijuana seeds will be collected in no time after being careful about attending to its needs which will be in the form of the high content of THC. These are long-lasting and enjoyable performances. Once taken, you will experience a euphoric cerebral experience and a resistance in building up a tolerance. You will not go wrong on this strain since it promised a great high feeling as you grow these white marijuana seeds.


As one of the great auto-flowering varieties offered by the white marijuana seeds, this adds an impressive-feeling such that ruderalis was created here which can tailor to the skills and experience of a beginner grower. This is very easy to cultivate as if you are just growing a regular plant on your background but it can give flavorful, potent, and famous yield.

You can start noticing the trichomes and pistils of your white marijuana maturing. New pistils develop on the buds that grow along. At this stage, is where you ensure to maintain an excellent yield until the harvesting time. Each strain becomes ready at different times. Its glorious moment will happen around 8-10 weeks. During which the strong marijuana smell will be overpowering and will reek.

As one of the latest cannabis strains in the industry, the white marijuana seeds are a passionate combination of the fruity punch flavor and blue leaves and buds of marijuana. It will take 7 weeks prior to the time that the buds will develop. The white marijuana seeds strain becomes very choosy when you talk about its nutrition. Paying close attention to the signals and being able to be ready on quickly attending to the needs means successful yield.