Of all the challenging things about growing marijuana, sexing them may be one of the trickiest to do. Being able to determine the sex of plants is crucial as marijuana growers are after the female cannabis plants, as they are the ones that are able to produce the huge and THC or CBD potent buds or marijuana flowers. Marijuana buds are the cream of the crop when growing marijuana as this is what is sought after by consumers as well. So, is sexing Marijuana Seeds possible? With such differences in what males and females can produce, together with the effects they deliver, it is just common sense why sexing cannabis plants is so important. While this can really make things simpler, is sexing cannabis seeds a possibility?

Is It Possible to Determine the Sex of Marijuana Seeds?

The topic of this being possible has been discussed in many places and there are also claims from some people with some explanations and charts on how they say it is possible to determine the sex of Marijuana seeds.


A question that has become a very hot topic online nowadays and with only a quick search on Google, You can easliy find multiple charts and explanations on how to sex cannabis seeds from seeds, some even claim it can be done when seeds are about to sprout or even some say it is possible to do so by looking at the taproot once it germinates. These are all big claims that would be excellent if proven as this will really bring a lot of growers ease to this big challenge that growing marijuana imposes to them.

Sadly, most of these are just myths and no determining data has been done to prove these theories. It’s just not possible to determine the sex of a marijuana plant or a cannabis plant in general just by looking at their seeds. If it was just as simple as that, then feminized marijuana seeds will have no value at all today. If so, growers will just go grab some regular seeds and look at them and pick. So, as of today, the answer is a big NO!, sexing marijuana seeds, even sexing marijuana seeds taproot or sexing marijuana seeds at sprouting are all impossible until today and no proven science or research has been done to claim that this is doable..

Normally, marijuana plants do not show their sexes clearly until they have already grown to a certain size. Cannabis plants will look identical during the vegetative phase and as they start to transition into the flowering stage, their reproductive organs will expose themselves for growers to identify their sex.