Storing your cannabis seeds the right way is a very crucial aspect of guaranteeing the viability of your future crops. Aside from knowing the best seed bank for feminized seeds, you should also learn how to store your seeds correctly.

Why Is It Important?

With proper storage, marijuana seeds can stay viable for five to ten years. Proper seed storage is necessary for some reasons. With this, you can reproduce strains with top-rated genetics. Regardless of the reason, always keep in mind that taking care of them is among the most vital things you can do for your yield.

What are the Types of Seed Groups?

There are two kinds of seed groups. The first one is orthodox seeds. These marijuana seeds enter the dormant phase and can survive from drying. The other type is unorthodox or recalcitrant seeds. These seeds are vulnerable to desiccation damage and cannot survive from drying.

Marijuana seeds are orthodox seeds. Thus, you can store them for a long time without causing instability. If you’re looking to have better future yields, look for the best seed bank for feminized seeds.

What to Consider When Preserving and Storing Seeds?

The container and environment are two major factors that you must consider when storing cannabis seeds. The environment is essential because temperature, moisture levels, and exposure to light can affect the seeds’ stability and ethylene and oxygen concentrations.

The container you use for storing cannabis seeds also has a crucial role. The ideal environment for the seeds will linger when you use the correct receptacle. Together, these two factors will help you ensure the seeds’ viability for either long-term or short-term storage period.


The viability of your marijuana seeds depends on the following environmental factors:

  • Moisture – reduced moisture exposure will help prevent premature germination.
  • Termination – temperature fluctuations can reduce the longevity of your seeds.
  • Exposure to light – light is essential for germination. Light overexposure can cause your seeds to escape from their dormant phase. It can also encourage tissue mutation.
  • Ethylene concentration – ethylene is an essential organic plant hormone. Marijuana seeds can start producing ethylene right after exposing them to moisture or water.
  • Oxygen concentration – reducing oxygen exposure will lessen or prevent seed respiration throughout the storage period. Thus, it deters premature germination.

Dry Your Marijuana Seeds Before Storing Them

You must dry the seeds gradually and completely before you store them.  If you don’t, the seeds will die. During the drying and ripening phase, marijuana seeds will prepare themselves for dormancy. They do this by slowing or discontinuing many physiological processes.

The most suitable moisture percentage is around 2 to 3 percent. You can achieve this by putting a desiccant inside the container where your seeds are. A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that sustains or induces a dried state within its vicinity.

Pre-packaged desiccants like the silica gel packs are solid materials that can absorb water. Or, you can use rice. Rice is also a good desiccant, but you should replace it periodically. Use desiccant when drying marijuana seeds to help improve their stability.

Keep your marijuana seeds in a cool, dry, and dark place. Maintaining a consistent environment with minimal to zero fluctuation can help in ensuring the seeds’ stability.

Different Ways to Store Cannabis Seeds

The best location for storing cannabis seeds to achieve the best results is still a mystery. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some recommendations:

  • Refrigerator – your fridge is dark and cool. But, there’s a fluctuating moisture aspect to consider every time you open and close the door. You can store your seeds with a desiccant inside the refrigerator. Keep them together inside the air-tight container. This will increase your seeds’ stability and may prevent mold production. Storing your seeds at the backside of your refrigerator where the least moisture is present is a good idea.
  • Freezer – despite the popular belief, the freezing technique can destroy the cells of cannabis seeds. Thus, it is not a highly recommended technique. There’s a special laboratory equipment which you can use for keeping the temperature ideal for the seeds. But many growers don’t have this tool. If you want to use this technique, place the seeds in the airtight vacuum closed container or bag with a food-grade desiccant satchel.
  • Room Temperature – this technique is ideal for storing cannabis seeds in a few years or less. Keeping the seeds in the correct airtight container at room temperature with a desiccant is a good idea, too.

Storage Container

If the seeds you ordered arrive in the environmentally controlled container with moisture controls and vacuum seals, make sure it contains a desiccant. Also, it is best to leave the packaging intact if you plan to store the seeds for future use. If you prepare your cannabis seeds for storage, consider investing in the home vacuum sealer.

If there is no vacuum sealer, make sure your container is airtight, like a glass container with a cover. Not all plastic containers are suitable because their seals are not airtight. Additionally, the water molecule is little enough to get over the holes of plastic containers. These containers are suitable for short-term storage. Plastic baggies are not recommended because they permit temperature and light to fluctuate. Their airtightness is insufficient.

Containers with bodies and lids made from two various materials like glass body and plastic cover or plastic body and metal lid are not good because different materials tend to expand or contract at diverse rates. It allows moisture to interrupt and/or expose the seeds to temperature instabilities.

In general, glass containers are best to use when storing cannabis seeds for the best storage conditions. They are ideal for short-term and long-term storage. A glass container with a glass cover and a lightening closure is a good choice because it’s reusable and easily accessible. It is an airtight container that can help maintain the right environment for your seeds.


Putting a desiccant inside the seed storage container is beneficial. It can help maintain the moisture level in the airtight container between 2 and 3 percent during the storage period. Likewise, it will absorb the excess ethylene which your seeds produce throughout the ageing process. This will extend the lifespan of your seeds.

Silica gel packs are good because they are a reusable, time-saver, and cheap. Again, you can also use rice if you don’t have silica gel packs. But you need to replace them periodically to get the best possible results.


When storing different cannabis strains, you must put labels internally and externally. Labels can also help reduce light exposure.

  • Desiccant – put a sheet of wool or cotton between the seeds and desiccant to form a partition between them. It will help absorb excess moisture and ensure that your seeds are not physically distressed.
  • Seeds – put pre-dried marijuana seeds to your seal and container.
  • Put seed container in a good storage area and wait until it’s time.

Marijuana seeds are natural living things that you should handle with care. When you store cannabis seeds properly, you’re making them viable for around 5 years or more. After 5 years, germination rates will decrease, but folks have grown plants from 10-year old seeds.

Dos and Don’ts When Storing Marijuana Seeds

Here are some things to do and avoid when storing marijuana seeds:


  • Keep your marijuana seeds dry. Wet or damp seeds will start to germinate. Thus, your seeds for storage should be 100% dry. Even small amounts of wetness in the packaging can cause rotting and mold.
  • Keep your seeds in the dark. Darkness will encourage the seeds to stay dormant. Extended light exposure is bad for cannabis seeds as it can harm and degrade their health.
  • Keep Your Seeds Labelled. Marijuana seeds don’t have much physical difference. Thus, it’s so difficult to identify which seeds are of the same family. Labelling them will help you ensure your strains do not get mixed up.
  • Keep Your hands, equipment, and the working area dry and clean. Fungus and mold can grow on your cannabis seeds even when you keep them inside the refrigerator.


    • Don’t let the seeds get too hot. Heat also encourages germination and extreme temperatures can harm your cannabis seeds.
    • Don’t squash the seeds. Make sure the shells of your seeds remain intact. The shells are their natural shield from external elements.
    • Don’t let the seeds get too cold. Extremely low temperatures are also bad for cannabis seeds. Freezing marijuana seeds can damage them. if you choose to keep the seeds in the fridge, put them in the door where the temperature is always ideal, ranging between 5 and 6 centigrade.
    • Don’t let rodents and pests get close to your seeds. Storing your seeds in the fridge is one way to prevent this.
    • Don’t use non-food grade silica gel packs. It can be toxic for your seeds.

Choose the Best Seed Bank for Feminized Seeds

Ensure you buy marijuana seeds from a reliable seed bank. The seeds must arrive with its clean, solid, and original packaging.