Every cannabis grower wants to germinate healthy seeds, and as much as possible, germinate marijuana seeds faster. While viable marijuana seeds don’t need any additive to germinate, you want to get the most of the cropping season to obtain the best yield. But, how can you germinate marijuana seeds faster? Let’s find out!

Germination Requirements

The three important things marijuana seeds need to germinate include average temperatures (20 to 24ºC), high moisture level (80 to 100%), and oxygen. To germinate cannabis seeds, you need to use a propagation media. Many growers use a glass of water, paper towel, peat moss pellets, rooting cubes, or definitive substrate.

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds Faster

Things You’ll Need:

  • Seeds
  • Paper towels
  • Air-tight plastic container
  • Sandpaper or pocket knife
  • Water


  1. Lightly scarify or chip the outer seed coat in just one place.Don’tdo it too much because it will ruin your healthy and viable seed.
  2. Dampen the paper towels and place your cannabis seeds on it. You can either roll or fold up so that it is pressing against the cannabis seeds.
  3. Place the paper towels with your seeds inside in a plastic container (airtight).
  4. Keep them into a warm area like on top of a refrigerator or TV set.
  5. Open the paper towels every 12 hours to check the seeds and to allow oxygen to enter the container. Most cannabis seeds germinate in 24 hours, but some seeds take a little bit longer.

Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

  1. A glass of Water with Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide can speed up the germination process because it contains similar chemicals found in rainwater. As you probably noticed, plants do well with rainwater than tap water. You can germinate seeds with a glass of water (reverse osmosis or distilled water). Soak your cannabis seeds in a glass of water, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and let it sit in a dark place for 24 hours. You can use tap water but you need to let it sit for a few hours to evaporate the chlorine content.

    You can soak your cannabis seeds in hydrogen peroxide to accelerate germination. Hydrogen peroxide eliminates bacteria and fungus without causing damage to the marijuana seeds. You can boost the development of your cannabis plants with a dose of hydrogen peroxide. It is considered a seed booster and it prevents fungal or mold growths. Just simply spray enough amount of hydrogen peroxide solution into the soil to help boost the plant roots. Watering your cannabis plants with a hydrogen peroxide solution introduces more oxygen into the soil for proper aeration. Use about two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide (35%) one gallon of water for this purpose.

  2. Paper Towel Method

    The paper towel method is commonly used to germinate cannabis seeds. Place your marijuana seeds between 2 paper towels (moist) in a tray or dish. Leave it in a dark place and well-ventilated area. The temperature of the room should be consistent. To accelerate the germination process, the paper towels should be kept moist. Don’t allow it to dry. To ensure proper seed germination, check your seeds in the paper towels twice a day.

  3. Peat Moss Pellets

    Peat moss pellets are made of dehydrated coco coir or peat moss. You need to hydrate them before use. They’re easy to store because they only take a few spaces when they’re not hydrated. Peat moss pellets retain moisture with the correct oxygen levels.

  4. Rockwool

    You can also use small Rockwool cubes to germinate seeds. But the problem is they retain too much water, bringing less oxygen. According to Advanced Nutrients, you can germinate cannabis seeds faster using this method by not hydrating or adding water too much.

  5. Rooting Cubes

    Rooting cubes have a texture that is similar to foam, which is made of composted organic matter. Because of the excellent water and air relation, rooting cubes are perfect for germinating seeds.

  6. Definitive Substrate

    A pot that is filled with growing media can be used to germinate your cannabis seeds. If you’re using volcanic rock, clay pebbles, mapito, etc. you should germinate using another medium, preferably rooting cubes or Rockwool.

How to Transplant Cannabis Seeds

Regardless of the substrate you choose, put the marijuana seeds about 2 to 3 mm deep and then cover with a thin layer of a substrate. When the seedlings sprout from the cannabis seeds, they require a light source to ensure proper growth.

If you are growing indoors, you can use CFLs or fluorescent tubes during the first few days, then change to LEDs or MH lamps. On the other hand, if you’re growing marijuana outdoors, you need to ensure that your plants will get enough sunlight exposure for proper growth and development. However, don’t expose your cannabis to too much light to avoid drying and fast depletion of water and nutrients.

Other Methods of Germinating Cannabis Seeds

If your cannabis seeds have lost a big percentage of their germination capacity, you can use the latency method. While this method is not necessary to germinate cannabis seeds, this is a helpful method for some growers.

With the latency method, the marijuana seeds are kept at very low temperatures for a relatively short period of time. After this, they are allowed to gradually reach room temperature. It replicates the winter and spring periods, thus stimulating the germination of your cannabis seeds. The seeds are kept in the freezer for 3 days, then 3 more days inside the fridge, and 3 more days at room temperature prior to initiating the germination process.


Growing cannabis from seeds, seedlings, to fully mature plants is never an easy job. There is no miraculous technique when germinating cannabis seeds and growing cannabis. Choosing the best germination method highly depends on your preference, equipment, and your knowledge and skills. You also have to consider the needs of your chosen cannabis strain. Now, you can confidently germinate marijuana seeds faster for a greater and better quality yield!