Homegrown Skunk Marijuana

Homegrown Skunk #1 marijuana

This ganja will smell tasty but will not stink you out of your apartment. It tends to taste very hashy like when vaporized but with an aromatic aftertaste. The taste of the smoke is very smooth and the high is very strong. It smokes quickly and well too. 

Homegrown Skunk marijuana has a ton to offer. It is one of the favorites in the Amsterdam coffee shops because of its extremely nice smell. It has a very spacey high. Homegrown Skunk #1 has a huge growth potential and is one of the most potent strains out there. This gives an unusually clear buzz and a slightly delayed effect.

It has green leaves and buds and quite quick to vegetate. Thus, easy for beginner grower either indoor or outdoor. It grows awesomely in hydroponic setups and very resistant to pests as well. This strain is known to have fantastic results and contains large amount of THC. It is awesome for both quick and late harvesting. This ganja can be great for late harvesting. Vegetating Homegrown Skunk #1 can be just plain fun. 


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