Growing indoor or outdoor, Hawaii x Skunk #1 is easy to manage. This plant can be great for late harvesting and is very immune to pests. Either growing outdoor or indoor, this type of cannabis seed can be easily done. Its interesting as the seeds get delivered and buds straightaway. Lots of excellent harvests have been experienced with this variety because it is easy to vegetate.

This strain of ganja should have won a lot of Cannabis cups awards. Hawaii x Skunk #1 contains an astounding quantity of THC and is quite strong. The seeds arrive and bud almost immediately . Fantastic pot to grow for a novice as it grows awesomely in hydroponics setups as well.

Whether growing sativa or indica, it’s important to remember that they’re all plants. Information on the flowering cycle is tough to find. Discovering facts about ganja is a hard challenge. It’s hard when you have to make a decision about buying seeds through a mail order company so we’ve researched it for you.

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