The Smokey the Bear marijuana strain is very much renowned for its potency. Many generations have been sprung from this strain. The Smokey bear weed strain is very strong and from when the seeds arrive they bud almost instantly. Smokey the bear smoking weed strain contains an incredible amount of THC and it brings in quite a punch. Furthermore, Its leaves and buds are excellent as they can be easily managed. This also thrives in both growing indoor or outdoor and the strain is known to yield great results. Growing this Smokey bear marijuana seed can be awesome because it has an interesting look and is quite resistant to pests.

This type of cannabis plant smells great. It produces no hangover or ill effects because of its very mellow high. It is one of the best smokes out there!

Finding the right info on Feminized, Female Smokey Bear seeds is really hard. We spent a lot of time researching Feminized Smokey Bear strain seeds. Smokey the bear weed seeds is an excellent option to grow and surely this cannabis strain will satisfy your expectations of what a good yield is all about.