Female Mandala Marijuana

Female Mandala #1 marijuana

The Female Mandala #1 marijuana is an extremely nice smelling plant. It is one of the favorites in the Amsterdam coffee shops. It is pungent but with an aromatic aftertaste. Tends to taste very green like when smoked. This weed smells great but will not smoke you out of your pad. The taste of the smoke is very smooth and the high is very strong. The skunk smell is still there in spades. This gives an unusually clear buzz and a slightly delayed effect. However, the plant has no hangover or lingering effects. It brings to the table a really strong but mellow high. 

The Female Mandala is quick to vegetate. It grows awesomely in hydroponic setups. Is a very loved strain of pot. Can quite quickly be vegetated. This type can be great for late harvesting. The seeds arrive and bud almost instantly. This weed has great leaves and buds. Many generations have been produced from this strain.

Fantastic marijuana to begin with for beginners. Its variety is very resistant to pests. Mandala #1 is said to contain a large amount of THC. Is awesome for early harvesting. Great pot to grow for a novice. Tons of fantastic harvests have been found with this strain. 

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