Female cannabis seeds can help marijuana gardeners save time, money, and effort. Intermediate and expert growers know that their plants’ genders are heavily influenced by their genetics and environmental conditions. Female cannabis seeds come from genetically altered female plants to produce feminized offspring.

Applying the male chromosome to a female plant guarantees female seeds. Hormones or chemicals like colloidal silver solutions help in generating male sacs to female plants. These “balls” will then have the female seeds to which gardeners can use to grow feminized cannabis strains. You can also create hormonal stress for your marijuana plants by introducing environmental facts. In doing so, some strains may acquire hermaphroditic characteristics.

Differences Between Male and Female Cannabis Plants

Using traditional gardening techniques to grow cannabis plants will produce both male and female seeds. Just like many species, having male and female parents will generate “children” of either sex. The same can be said when trying to breed marijuana plants to generate seeds. Hence, cultivators starting out with regular seeds will have a 50% chance of yielding female or male seeds.

Marijuana gardeners looking to acquire only female seeds will find cultivating from regular seeds isn’t a very efficient practice. Growers would have to take into account that roughly half of their “produce” won’t be used or they won’t even see the light of day. Planting male seeds may result in too many male plants which can then call for unsatisfying yields.

Simply put, if you’re going to use regular seeds, then you have to use twice the amount than the norm to produce a fair amount of female seeds.

Reasons to Grow Female Cannabis Seeds

If you’re planning on growing feminized cannabis seeds, you’re about to get numerous advantages. For one, you will remove the guesswork from cultivating regular seeds which would otherwise result in the birth of male and female seeds. Feminized seeds will streamline the overall growth process which would ultimately help you save plenty of space and time.

The efficiency of growth is vital for any marijuana gardener trying to grow recreational or medical cannabis. Since most regulations regarding cannabis growth have limitations on the total number of allowable plants per property, private growers need to ensure they’re always getting the most out of their crops.

Even though growing male cannabis plants aren’t completely bad, but they don’t produce efficient yields. Furthermore, male plants also take up space, sap time and effort, and present more challenges to growers.

Most strains allow you to check their sexes during their photoperiods. Once the plants are in their late development stages, the sexes of the plants become obvious. It is also during this time when growers should decide which crops to keep.

All these processes make it apparent that growing marijuana from feminized cannabis seeds removes plenty of the time, effort, and cash from the entire cultivation and harvesting process.

Feminizing Cannabis Seeds

There are a few methods for guaranteeing your acquisition of feminized cannabis seeds. One traditional method is by interrupting the light cycle of a healthy female plant during its flowering stage. However, this process requires plenty of maintenance. Some gardeners may not have the time to devote to constantly watch over their crops just for their plants to become feminine.

While interrupting light cycles will work to some extent, one common method used by many marijuana gardeners to feminize plants is to spray crops with colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate solution. These mixtures allow gardeners to control the sex of their plants without altering genetics. Both substances carry fine silver particles accompanied by water.

Silver solutions will impede the production of ethylene found in marijuana plants. This hormone is involved in the flowering process which results in the blooming of a female plant but with male sacs or “balls.” These sacs carry pollen growers can use to pollinate another female plant resulting in the birth of feminized seeds. Using silver thiosulphate solution to treat plants will produce feminized plants almost 100% of the time.

Don’t Over-Prune Your Feminized Plants

It can be easy to get carried away in pruning female plants which would otherwise turn it into a bush. Over-pruning can turn female plants into male species but you can significantly reduce the risk by using feminized seeds along with a Low-Stress Training (LST) method.

Using feminized seeds is known as one of the best ways to “personalize” your crops. Many areas only allow up to 6 plants to be grown at any time. From those 6 plants, only 3 can flower at one time. If you use non-feminized or regular seeds, then only half of the plants will be female. Furthermore, since only 3 can flower at any given time because of legislative rules, then there’s a chance that you might only get 1 or 2 female plants per harvesting period.

This issue tempts many private marijuana gardeners to continuously trim their plants. Using feminized seeds for the entirety of your crops while maintaining 2 to 3-month growth cycles will guarantee that you’ll always get flowers per plant. Furthermore, you’ll adhere to the strict laws governing the growth of cannabis strains while efficiently switching the light and darkness cycles for healthy harvests.

Female Marijuana Seeds Have Better Genetics

Gardeners who aim to acquire feminized seeds prepare proper breeding control strategies and tactics to ensure their harvests become as healthy as possible. With that notion in mind, we can safely assume that many of the strains coming from female seeds found in dispensaries are heavily controlled by the breeder. Each seed will then have a high chance of bringing growers and users the defining characteristics of their chosen strain. For example, feminized Cherry Kush seeds will generate deep purple flowers that may even look black to the untrained eye.

As a result, growing crops coming from feminized cannabis seeds have a high chance of delivering aromatic, attractive, and potent flowers. Furthermore, feminized seeds ensure growers that plants will grow into healthy flowers under the right conditions. These strains would then have higher durability levels as compared to cultivating crops coming from regular seeds.

Cloning and Breeding With Better Control

It can become difficult to clone certain cannabis strains as the process may require an intermediate to high level of understanding for the marijuana growing process. However, using female marijuana seeds allow growers to have more freedom and control for cloning. Male plants tend to grow more rigorously during their early development stages as compared to female strains.

Male cannabis strains are the natural choice for cloning but they require sexing first. These male plants will slow down the whole crop and can endanger the growth of the harvest. Using feminized seeds is a guarantee that you’re going to get what you wanted by harvesting time.

The advent of using female cannabis seeds changed the entire marijuana industry. It makes the growth process more reliable than before while bringing plenty of advantages to growers, retailers, and consumers. Dispensaries can also benefit from acquiring nugs coming from feminized seeds as it lowers the risk of having mislabeled products.