If you are looking for a fantastic yield this year then you must check one of the best cannabis seeds strains. You must check out autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of cannabis seed that can guarantee better yields in just a year. These seeds will flower the quickest in just 3 to 4 weeks and are ready for harvest in just 7 weeks. There are a lot of interesting things that you should know about autoflowering cannabis seeds before you even start growing one. Here are five of the most important.

Important things about autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale

Cultivation of autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering seeds are actually very new in the world of cannabis cultivation. These strains have descended from C. ruderalis genetics, strains that were found in Russia and Central Asia. One of the highlights of using autoflowering plants is that these do not use a light cycle to start flowering. Aside from using light, these use a different set of they rely on a different set of triggers, and flower according to age and size.

About C. ruderalis strains

Cannabis ruderalis is a third species (or subspecies) of cannabis found in northerly latitudes of the northern hemisphere, specifically found in Russia. C. ruderalis is also known for its very small structure or its small stature, low levels of cannabinoid, hardiness in any environment and resistance to cold. Autoflowering cannabis has the tendency to flower no matter what light cycles it has been exposed to and once a certain size and age have been achieved.

Because of its ability to withstand extreme climates and short growing season, cannabis ruderalis can grow, flower and create seeds in a short period of time. These plants will not wait until the light levels change at the end of summer to start flowering. During this time, frosts will have begun to form and then temperatures will not be conducive to growing. Once the plant has produced four or five branches and has grown 50cm, this will start to flower.

About commercial autos and super-autos

There are experimentations made by breeders with crossing C. ruderalis genetics with high-cannabinoid strains to create commercially-useful autoflowering hybrids. Because of these studies, it became possible for the creation of other autoflowering landraces. These experiments have played a part in the creation of the very first “autos.” A strain which was made by these experimentations was the “Mexican Rudy” and many suspected that Rudy came from a ruderalis-type plant which was found in Mexico. The Mexican Rudy was used to create LowRyder, the very first commercially-available autoflowering strain.

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale plant height

The very first autoflowering cannabis strains including LowRyder were quite small-structured plants. These plants were able to reach a height of 40cm and because of this size; these plants have cannabinoid content and have very low flavor and potency.

But successive generations of cannabis crosses and backcrosses have led to the development of higher-potency strains which were known as super-autos. Therefore, super-autos are much taller and bushier than standard autos as well as their ruderalis lineage. These plants may reach 90-100cm in height. You can find a wide selection of autos and super-auto strains online.

Autoflowering plants don’t use lighting schedules

As you may have known by now, autoflowering cannabis plants are not dependent on any kind of light cycle to start flowering. These plants may be able to grow flowers and may be able to strengthen their bodies when under a 16/8 to 24/0. Many growers will grow their autoflowering cannabis in a 24/0 schedule while some growers agree that anything can be achieved over 18/6. This schedule will be able to grow your strains well and will also reduce the cost of electricity and growing costs.

Some strains may have the possibility of being affected by certain hormonal and metabolic processes that happen during darkness. Allowing your plants to rest during night-time can lead to improved health and strength. But as of today, this has been regarded as purely anecdotal and there is still no evidence to support this.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be grown outdoors all year round

If you live in an area where you have a mild to warm climate which is perfect for growing cannabis outdoors then you can grow a variety of autoflowering cannabis strains in an endless possible way. Autos will only flower in just 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest but it is possible to have more harvests in a year if you grow your autoflowering cannabis in the best conditions all year round. Autos are generally resistant to frost however it won’t be able to grow in an area with the most, frost all year round.

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Super-autos compared to regular autos, topping out around 100cm in height

You must remember, autos are not fully stabilized and therefore purchasing seeds only from reputable outlets reduces the risks and may also cause flowering to take longer than expected. Despite this, even autos may take the longest to grow outdoors with eighteen weeks from seed to harvest. But compared to photoperiod plants that can take more than 21 weeks or more, autoflowering seeds are definitely more sought after than regular seeds.

Can you clone autoflowering seeds?

The most common question usually arises: can you clone autoflowering cannabis? The answer has led to the belief that autoflowering cannabis is unable to grow from clones. Autoflowering cannabis strains are forced to follow their “genetic timeline” and flower according to age at the same time that she begins to flower. This dictates that the cuttings will not grow into a useful size and yield will be very small. However, there are a handful of growers that believe that they will be able to clone their autos and have allowed these to grow in vegetative mode until these plants were as large as their parents. Once these were able to reach their optimum size, they start to flower.

The most important factor in attempting to clone autoflowering plants is to take cuttings from the lower branches of the plant only. These branches are more hormonally stable than newer growth found at the top of the plant.

The main terminal stem or the apical meristem is the first part of the plant to get the signal that the plant is due to flower soon and this could take time to move downwards and signal all the lower branches to flower. Therefore, there is a time between the first appearance of sexual characteristics and the permeation of flowering hormones in the tissues of the plant. This may be just a few hours, therefore, it is important to watch for pre-flowers and take cuttings when these pre-flowering structures appear.

Cuttings that were removed from autoflowering plants will flower almost immediately unless some guidelines are followed. Once cuttings are taken, these must be placed under low-intensity light in moist conditions till these have developed roots. Once these have rooted, these will undergo vegetative growth until these have reached 80% of their parent’s size and will produce good harvests.

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How to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are known for their amazing properties but how do you buy autos? Most growers usually purchase their autoflowering cannabis seeds from online seed bank sites. These sites offer more than autoflowering cannabis seeds and also sell regular seeds, feminized seeds and autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds.

There are seed banks sites that provide a wide variety of autoflowering cannabis strains with the best costing a small fortune. You can count on this kind of seed as the most expensive. This is why you must look for a good seed bank company where you will be able to purchase autoflowering cannabis.

And aside from buying seeds online, you may also find autoflowering cannabis from local seedbanks. These companies may only offer a small number of strains but no doubt that you will be able to get seeds for a cheaper price.

The key is to review online and local seedbanks before you spend your hard-earned cash. Look for seedbanks with a good price on their autoflowering strains plus with promos, discounts and special deals for their seeds. Choose seedbanks that will be able to deliver via stealth so our seeds will be safely shipped to your location. And if you are new to buying seeds, look for seedbanks that accept the payment method you wish to use. Check delivery methods or how they ship their seeds. Get to know shipment rates and how long does it take to ship to you.

And aside from these, you must find out if cannabis and cannabis seeds are regulated in your area. Is buying, consuming and selling cannabis, seeds and other cannabis products allowed in your region or country? If yes, then deliveries may take time to arrive from where you are located. These may not be able to arrive too and may be held by customs if use is also prohibited. To make sure autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale, check out online resources applicable to your country.

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