Dispensaries offer three different types of marijuana strains. These are either indica, sativa or a mix between the two strains. Indica strains’ effect is often suitable for the evening or late afternoon while sativa strains are great in the morning. In addition, some breeders often choose to cultivate indica seeds indoors than sativa ones. What can you get out of buying indica marijuana seeds for sale at any dispensary? Let us show you by looking into the effects of indica strains and sativa strains as well as their plant characteristics.

Effects of Indica strains

The effects of Indica strains usually have a sedative effect that relaxes your muscles and mind. This is why smoking a pure indica bud will make your mind and body feel sluggish. While some of these strains will still give you a bit of energy to do some light tasks, it will slowly make you sleepy or immobilized on the couch overtime.

Cannabis consumers use the recreational aspect of indica strain in making any fun activities enjoyable. This is due to the effect of the strain on your dopamine production, which is responsible for how your mind perceives pleasure. Watching a movie you have seen several times will seem like you are experiencing it for the first time after smoking certain indica marijuana. In addition, It is why some strains can make sex pleasurable for you and your partner.

For medical purposes, most indica strains are effective in treating insomnia. Apart from sedating your mind, the strain eases any discomfort that can prevent you from comfortably sleeping at night. The effect will allow you to wake up invigorated the next morning.

Aside from treating insomnia, this type of strain can also treat acute pain that comes from immediate medical conditions. This includes sprains, fractures, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks. In addition, the muscle relaxant effect of indica strain can help lower the instances of cramps or spasms.

Another medical benefit of indica strains is its appetite inducing the effect. This is useful if you are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders or simply have an eating disorder.

Sativa strain effects

While indica strain is more of a relaxing effect, sativa cannabis acts more of a stimulant. Smoking or consuming this strain will give you a cerebral high that enhances your mood and boost your energy levels. Certain sativa species can even give you a sharp focus and unlock your creative drive. Others strains of this type can encourage you to be social with friends, family, or anyone nearby.

The overall effect of most sativa strains is great for improving your productivity. Large piles of tasks will seem easy to accomplish while riding the strain’s effect. Artists and writers can find the inspiration they need in starting a complex project with the help of this strain. Sativa can also help you engage with other people during a business meeting or on simple social events such as a neighbor’s party.

One of the medical application of sativa strains is for treating depression and any mood disorders. These conditions can affect nearly anyone at any point in time. Sativa strain helps by improving your mood and make it seem that all of your troubles are far away. While cannabis is not a cure for any mood disorders, the effect can help you break free from this medical condition on your own.

People suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can also improve the quality of their life with sativa strains. This is due to the strain’s stimulating effect to the dopamine neurotransmitter in your brain. By correcting your dopamine levels, will help you focus to perform your tasks at work better. The effect can also improve your studies if you are going to take a difficult board examination.

Another medical use of sativa strains is for providing relief to chronic pain. This type of pain comes from medical conditions that have been developing for a long time. This includes his includes osteoporosis or atherosclerosis.

Hybrid strain characteristics

The third type of cannabis seeds is a combination of both the indica and sativa strain. Many hybrids have a balanced sedative and cerebral effect due to their lineage. The effect for other cross strains leans to either indica or sativa lineage.

Some crosses may have a strong presence of the effects of indica strains that can slowly sedate your overtime until you feel like sleeping for the rest of the day. During the onset of the high though, you will get a small spark of blissful energy to tackle simple tasks.

On the other hand, some sativa dominant crosses will improve your mood while relaxing you throughout the duration of the high. At the end of the high, you will feel relaxed and still able to function normally.

Indica and sativa plant characteristics

When it comes to buying either sativa or indica marijuana seeds for sale comes down to the space of your garden. Most sativa seeds usually grow tall central stalks with its leaves growing apart from each other. Their shape is often similar to pine or Christmas trees as they grow throughout the vegetative phase. Many sativa plants can reach up to 20 feet tall if you grow it in the right environment.

Indica plants, in contrast, grow short and bushy. Its leaves often grow side-by-side to each other. The average height of most indica strains is around three feet tall while certain species can reach up to ten feet.

Because of their short size, many breeders choose to cultivate indica seeds within their indoor garden due to the limitation on space. On the other hand, those who plant on cultivating marijuana outdoors or have a sizable grow room in their home will have no problem with accommodating tall sativa plants.

It is important to note that is not impossible to grow sativa plants indoors if you have a limited amount of space. Breeders utilize different techniques to control the height of all types of marijuana plants. One example is the use of the sea of green (SOG) technique that forces the plant to exit the vegetative phase early. This is possible by exposing the plants to 18 or 24 hours of light for only three weeks and changing the light schedule to only 12 hours. The change in light regime will make the plants enter the flowering phase without growing further.

Another method is to use low-stress training to control the plant’s shape as it grows. The training works on indica, sativa, and hybrid plants. By using this method, the plants will grow bushy with a wide canopy at the top. Not only will this result in a short plant, but it will also improve its yields due to the multiple colas that produce your buds. The only disadvantage of utilizing low-stress training is the effort and constant care that it takes to bend the stalk of your plants.

Other important criteria

While most cannabis users and dispensaries often use the three categories of marijuana strains to pick the right one for any situations, two important criteria that set every cannabis apart.  These are the cannabinoid amount and terpenes. Cannabinoids are the different chemicals in a cannabis plant that affects your mind and body. The most recognizable of which is THC, the psychoactive chemical that is responsible for making you high. On the other hand, terpenes give the strain its signature aroma and flavor.

Not every indica strain has the same amount of cannabinoids and flavor. Kosher Kush, for example, has a record-breaking 29 percent THC that delivers a near-psychedelic high and sedative effect. While some experienced users will want this strain for recreational or medical purposes, the potency can be overwhelming for others. You also have the Northern Lights strain that carries the caryophyllene terpene. The strain’s aroma has an anti-inflammatory benefit that can help tackle pain.

Picking just any indica seed because of its relaxant effect may lead to the wrong choice. As Ethan Russo has said “There is no factual or scientific basis to making these broad sweeping recommendations, and it needs to stop today. What we need to seek to understand better is which standardized cannabis composition is causing which effects, when delivered in which fashions, at which specific dosages, to which types of [consumers].” Always consider all of the characteristics of an individual indica seed to know if they are worth your time and effort to cultivate.

By now, you have a general idea of what to expect from the effects of indica strains and sativa strains as well as their plant characteristics. While the collective effect of the three types of cannabis can help you simplify your choices, not all kinds of strains offer the same effect and aroma. Check any cannabis community sites or ask your budtender to know which seeds are worth cultivating in your garden.