Planting cannabis seeds in the comfort of your own home sounds like a fun project, especially that you get to personally grow your stash of weed. Apart from that, you might want to plant cannabis in an indoor garden because you get more control over the condition of the environment, compared to planting outside. You can start by germinating the seeds, then planting it in a starter cube or soil. Once your seeds are securely planted, provide everything it needs so it will grow into a healthy cannabis plant.

How to Store Seeds

The recommended storage for cannabis seeds is vacuum-sealed glass containers. You can preserve different types of seeds in one big container, as long as you keep them individually packed. The container has to be kept cool and dry at all times. The ideal temperature is between 32° and 41°F. The best place to put the container is in a refrigerator or freezer.

Types of Seed Containers

There are different variations of growing containers that you can find in the market. They serve different purposes of storage and each has various features that you can take advantage of. You can find containers that are created like a flower pot and there are also the upgraded smart pots, while some are unique containers that are specially made for hydro systems. These are just some of the available containers for planting cannabis and you need to find the ideal one if you are going to use it in your home.

You have a lot of option when it comes to choosing the right growing container, and you have to know that it wouldn’t be easy and quick. While it is recommended to start with the basic flower pot for your first grow, you might want to pick the suitable growing containers for your plants that will support their growth until harvesting season.
Let us take a closer look at the different kinds of growing containers, together with their advantages, disadvantages, and unique features.

Importance of Finding the Right Seed Container

Seed containers for cannabis plants would be the kind that looks like pots. This type of container provides great support for the roots to prosper. Healthy roots are crucial because it provides nutrients and water to plants which are the primary foundation for successful plant growth. From this, we can take into consideration the ideal environment for the plants to develop healthy roots. The YouTube channel, Mr. Grow It, explains this very clearly.

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The roots of cannabis plants need to be kept moisturized at all times. Dried-out roots are dangerous since they can lead to the plant’s death. It also needs sufficient airflow and oxygen. When the roots have proper oxygen flow, it increases growth rate and prevents mold formation and other problems that can damage the entire plant. Root zones that lack oxygen spread harmful damage to the plant and worst, it can kill it.

The Best Seed Containers in the Market

If you look around online stores, you will find a lot of seed containers with different designs and features. They are great for cannabis growing but which one will you choose? To help you make up your decision, below are the best and most popular kinds of seed containers:

Standard Flower Pot

This is the most basic type of pot that you can get in the market at a very affordable price. It is made from terracotta and it is best to use it with its matching saucer to collect the run-off water under the pot.

Nowadays, standard flower pots are made from plastics but you can still find the old version of the pot which is made from terracotta. These are perfect for cannabis that is just starting to develop its roots since it is specifically crafted to support healthy roots.

When looking for high-quality standard flower pots, you want to purchase those that have drainage holes at the bottom to prevent water from being stagnant. In case you got yours with no pre-drilled holes, it is better if you drill it before using the containers to plant your cannabis. This will enable smooth water flow below the pot.

Pots that are made from terracotta are much heavier compared to those that are made from plastics. However, terracotta pots are a better option because it has a natural capacity to soak up the excess moisture and offer an additional cooling effect to the roots of the plant during the hot season.

Fabric or Smart Pots

Fabric pots or “smart pots” can prevent cannabis plants from being rootbound. When using standard pots, the plant follows a normal growing cycle, but when using smart pots, the roots of the plant are air-pruned the moment they grow at the sides of the container. This guarantees continuous growth of new roots which supports healthy plant growth. Smart Pots are made from a fabric material which is another beneficial feature since it prevents the water from clogging the plant. On top of that, they can easily be stored when not use.

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Remember that the soil in fabric pots tend to dry out quicker than those in standard pots. To prevent the pots from drying out too soon, invest in a pot that’s bigger than what you normally go for. However, the problem with buying large smart pots is they need more amount of growing soil. Apart from that, they also leak a lot of water to the outside so they are not compatible with all types of growing environments.

Air Pots

Air pots utilize the same technique as the aforementioned “smart pots.” However, they are made from plastic and they have openings on each side, which contributes to the “air-pruning” feature for the roots of the plant. Just like smart pots, you need to water it from time to time to prevent the soil from drying out, unlike standard pots. Air pots have water leakage on both openings so it’s better to place it above normal sized saucers. The advantage of using air pots is they are stronger and they can’t easily be tipped over.

Hempy Buckets

Hempy buckets are the type of container that offers a manual hydroponic system for growing cannabis plants. What sets this container apart from standardized pots is it comes with a drainage hole on top and not at the bottom. This creates a little reservoir of essential nutrients down the hempy bucket, which means you don’t have to water it all the time. Instead of utilizing soil as a medium, hempy buckets are made to be filled with a mixture of vermiculite and perlite or clay pebbles.

The plants need to be given hydroponic nutrients for increased plant growth. Hempy buckets utilize a manual way of hydroponic growing with zero oxygen pumps, so you have to make sure that the nutrients in the pot won’t remain stagnant since it could cause detrimental growth damages.

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Planting Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis seed isn’t hard and you don’t have to be an expert grower to start your garden. However, the entire procedure is a long journey and there’s no shortcut towards harvest. The main reason why cannabis plants are ideal to grow from seed is that it doesn’t have a long life cycle. To ensure proper plant growth, make sure you always check for moisture, diseases, insects, light, and nutrient shortage. You have to dedicate ample time and effort to cultivate healthy cannabis plants and yield higher production. If you want to start your very own indoor garden, here’s how you can plant from cannabis seeds:

Stuff the cups with soil mixture. Make sure you tap each one several times to remove air pockets. Add more soil if you want, then tap it again to provide half an inch space between the rim of the cup and the top of the soil. Repeat this process until all cups are stuffed with soil.

Prepare your grow lights and space. Once your growing space is ready and your lights are turned on, place the cups shoulder to should in rows and wait for a few days.

You will see two new leaves emerging from the soil in each cup. Then, the next pair will appear and the first pair will fall off. If you see tiny droplets of moisture behind the plastic wrap, remove it from the seedlings to eliminate moisture, and then cover it again with a new wrap. In the seedling phase, it is very important the keep the soil moist but don’t soak it in water. Spray from the bottom to support strong and long root growth.

Use a spray bottle when watering your seeds until it grows its first-ever leaves. Make it a habit to spray from the bottom when you are planting cannabis seeds because the soil that surrounds the stem needs to be kept dry to prevent it from rotting. Always remember that when handling cannabis plants in their early stage, you need to be cautious since minimal problems can lead to severe damages to plant growth.