At the point when the talk is around marijuana strains, one ought not to take away the favor to two of the most prestigious lineage. –  the Sativa and the Indica strains. The two pillars that makes marijuana, a truly a legit cannabis for any smoker, stoner, grower, and medical patient out there. In this article we will do a comparison of sativa vs indica strains.

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Like most great things in this world, it is naturally given that Indica and the Sativa strains will be compared against each other. Although it might not be that difficult to put a great difference between the two, it is still crucial to identify what certain effects, flavor, medical purpose, and even growing method would set them apart from each other. Given this circumstance, we call upon an examination of the two strains and arrive at a clear understanding of which is which or possibly learn why Sativa works in a way different to an indica one. Read on buddy!

What is Sativa?

According to an Article of – The term “Sativa” just like its counterpart, “Indica” was first named in the 18th century as two of the main gene lineage of cannabis plants. Since then, it has gained enormous popularity and has catered to many types of smokers, growers, and even patients. It can help boost one’s confidence and energy through its composition of either medium or high levels of THC cannabinoid content. This content then helps the Sativa strain put up anyone’s mood to the next level.

The Sativa strain is a naturally gifted variety of marijuana as it takes a lot of space in the ecosystem. Some of the most renowned Sativa strains out there are most painkillers, uppers, and boosters known to many. Some of which are the Jack Herer, Harlequin, Durban Poison, Green Crack, and many more.

With the lineup of strains that can possibly give you unforgettable effects, the Sativa strain is packed with so much for your body.

What are some notable Sativa strains?

Sativa strain is the famous gene lineage that concerns upper marijuana. It is primarily used to uplift your mood, feelings, and creativity for a more productive day. So, since the time that marijuana strains took over the market, it has named a number of strains that have since then gained popularity and awards as well. So, here are some of the Sativa highlights you can explore today:

Jack Herer

  • Jack Herer is recreational and medical marijuana. It can help treat alcoholism, body pain, and address stress management. This Sativa strain is also useful to target anxiety, depression.


  • No wonder Joker fell in love with Harlequin because of its positive effects in the mind and the body. This sativa strain is known to be a painkiller because of its high CBD content. It can also help alleviate depression and anxiety plus it holds a strong claim in the anti-inflammatory category too.

Durban Poison

  • If you are looking for a Sativa strain that can help you boost your energy back as well as help you treat pain and fatigue, then Durban Poison is the best choice for you. This potent strain is available in dispensaries in order to help medical patients find a way to treat symptoms immediately.


  • Combine good CBD and high THC content into one, which is ACDC. This is not the rock and roll band but it is one of the best pain-relieving strains that can rule your world against pain and alcohol abuse.

Green Crack

  • Green Crack is one of the go-to sativa marijuana for medical purposes. Although depression, stress, and anxiety may not be part of the initial symptoms of HIV-AIDS, they can occur after one knows he or she has acquired the disease. Good thing Green Crack is there to help re-boost one’s energy and uplift euphoric feelings with its high THC content as well as the ability to address depression, stress, and anxiety.

What is Indica?

The term “indica” just like the Sativa term was coined in the 18th century. Since then, it has claimed the second spotlight. According to a blog site named Green Relief, the indica variety is “associated with relaxing and sedating effects. Ordinarily associated with a lethargic, relaxed inclination behind your eyes, indicas are often utilized around evening time when you can simply fall asleep shortly after devouring them. Alternatively, indicas are broadly regarded to give serious body effects, similar to an extricating of your appendages and muscles. They can be unwinding to the point that you can simply relax and sit on the sofa for an all-encompassing timeframe.”

With this in mind, we cannot take away the immense amount of relaxation that each indica strain brings into the table. More than that, it can be said that it is quite the direct opposite of a Sativa strain for which it can calm down nerves and provide the couch-lock compared to the uplifted mood of the sativa that can make you productive in every smoke.

What are some notable Indica Strains?

Just like Sativa strains, indica ones come in hundreds of varieties. It is well-known as cannabis that can make you feel calm, composed, and can bring you the right amount of sleep when you need it. So, here are some of the top indica strains that a lot of people usually love:

Northern Lights

  • Just in case you would like to experience the beauty of the Aurora Northern Lights while you stay at home or in your bed, then the Northern Lights is here to give you that love you have been craving for. This can help you focus while putting you in a good state of relaxation. So, why not travel in your own zone with the Northern Lights indica marijuana? Go, buddy!

Granddaddy Purple

  • Would you like a taste of grape and berry while you help reduce pain? Then, Granddaddy Purple is one good father for you. This indica strain prides in its painkilling capabilities plus its CBG levels that help relax muscles and stabilize your chronic pain. More than that, GDP is a well-known weed strain to control stress, anxiety, and depression.


  • Another berry strain is the indica powerhouse called Blueberry marijuana. Blueberry is famous for controlling and stabilizing body pain and emotional issues brought about by diseases like Fibromyalgia, nausea, and mood disorders. With its high CBD content and a strong claim to the painkilling department, Blueberry helps treat pain conditions by bringing a calmer and relaxed state to its user or smoker.

Afghani Kush

  • Another hall of Famer in the indica category, the Afghani Kush is well-known for its painkilling effects and the euphoric, solid high that can clear your head right off the bat. So, if what you are searching for the right combination of the recreational and the medical purpose of marijuana, the Afghani Kush is the one for you.

Blackberry Kush

  • Aside from its sweet aroma, the indica strain called Blackberry Kush has the ability to alleviate chronic pain. Plus, it can help remedy the unexplained tiredness brought by the attacks of the immunodeficiency virus inside the medical patient’s body.


Overall, the Sativa strain is marijuana that can help you feel uplifted, energized, and extra creative while an indica strain is known to help you feel calmer, focused, relaxed, and light at the same time. So, in case you are looking for a specific strain that can boost your mood, explore the Sativa strains listed above, and when you would like to sleep with an exhilarating tonight, then smoke one of the indica strains listed above as well.

It is important to know and learn about the difference between the two especially for medical patients as each provides a particular use per strain. If one mistakenly provides an upper Sativa to an extremely ADHD person who cannot control his hyperactivity then imbalance may occur. This is when indica marijuana is used to relax the nerves and bring back a person’s focus and proper mental capacity.

Although it was not discussed in full detail in this article, the growing method for which these strains are involved takes a good point of discussion as well because they almost produce the same amount of yield without damaging the quality and of course the intense sensation in smoking.