Indica Strains

10 Facts About Purple Indica Strains

Cannabis has various hues. A considerable lot of which are of green shades. However, strains will in general have an alternate shading because of its pistils and resin. That is the reason a few purple strains, or blue, or red. Truth be told, the majority of the seed banks offer [...]

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Difference Between Indica Dominant Hybrid and Sativa Dominant Hybrid

There is an increasing number of people who are looking into buying and consuming cannabis. The demand of high quality strains are increasing exponentially. Together with the legalization and the increase in use medically which is improving the lives of many patients. This has been used recreationally and the acceptance [...]

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10 Most Popular Indica Kush Strains

People are quite confused with the terms weed and kush. They are related to each another, yes. Weed is a type of plant which is completely useless. It affects your plants’ development considering that it tends to compete with nutrients, space, sunlight, and water. This type of plant houses pests [...]

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10 Best Pure Indica Seeds You Must Buy

Check out the 10 best pure indica marijuana seeds. Consumers of marijuana are often hooked to pure indica cannabis seeds due to the different benefits it can bring on the table. Users are always looking for the best indica seeds that gets you high and increased mental relaxation. There are [...]

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Best 10 Strongest Pure Indica Strains List

This is the list of best strongest indica strains today. Indica strains originated in the Himalayan foothills. These classifications of strains are initially cultivated in Southern Asia where the weather varies depending on the season. The beneficial thing about it is that pure indica strains are not that sensitive to [...]

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