Indica Strains

Difference Between Indica Dominant Hybrid and Sativa Dominant Hybrid

There is an increasing number of people who are looking into buying and consuming cannabis. The demand of high quality strains are increasing exponentially. Together with the legalization and the increase in use medically which is improving the lives of many patients. This has been used recreationally and the acceptance Read more..

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10 Most Popular Indica Kush Strains

People are quite confused with the terms weed and kush. They are related to each another, yes. Weed is a type of plant which is completely useless. It affects your plants’ development considering that it tends to compete with nutrients, space, sunlight, and water. This type of plant houses pests Read more..

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Where to Find the Best Indica Strains 2018

At the point when the primary developing period of California after the sanctioning of the utilization of pot for clinical and recreational purposes, grown-ups 21 old enough or more are starting to consider their cultivating plans. These plans, obviously, start with seeds. The main intention for locating the best Indica Read more..

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