Cannabis Secrets: Learn How to Have a Healthy Marijuana Plants

As a grower and cultivator, it will be a moving experience as you the amazing process of growing marijuana from seed. Remember that cannabis is an annual plant so it will eventually take a lifecycle that shall take place in a year. These stages need intensified and careful attention to quantities of light, water, nutrients, as well as the process of pruning, trimming, and harvesting for your marijuana seeds. Here are some secrets to have healthy marijuana plants.

Growing Marijuana from Seed: Steps and Tips for Your Healthy Plants

Choose the Best Marijuana Seed Strains

Marijuana farming for marijuana seeds is an ideal method in today’s cultivation industry. This is due to the fact that earnings are distributed from the producers and farmers evenly. It actually bridges the gap between the poor and rich growers and farmers without causing any harm in the environment. The seeds must be sown in the growing medium lightly Sprinkle a little soil over the seeds as they need the light from the sun to germinate. An ideal temperature for germination should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The germination takes about 30 days.

If you do growing marijuana from seed strains that are not hybrid will still have most of their wild character intact. For this reason, they do not need to be started indoors. Simply sow them on the field where they can be exposed to a bit of frost or cold nights for the stratification process to take place. When the seeds are planted, they should be sown on top of the soil. The soil should be moist throughout the growing period. The greatest drawback of this method is the lack of control.

Time and Place to Plant your Marijuana Seed Strains

The germination stage of the stage may take a very long time. But old or seeds which are of low-quality would take twice longer than the regular ones. Through the suggestions made by Krishna Sai Andavolu, an influencer and TV host for a marijuana promotion show, plants can grow on smaller spaces or reduced spaces which are very essential when it comes to the soil where they grow. Buying seeds on a reputable market or online stores can bring more profitable yields.

The best time to plant marijuana seeds is during the spring and fall when temperatures are moderate. Planting can be done during the summer; however, this will require frequent watering to combat the hot weather. One of the many wonderful things about cannabis gardens is that you can start as small or as elaborate as you want. One of our marijuana seeds for sale idea to grow healthy outdoors is, to begin with, a shady bench. Underneath, you can create an enchanting space filled with wonder and magic by adding nothing more than a little moss and a toadstool.

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Most cannabis plants thrive when they have a good balance of sunlight and shade. When choosing a location, find one that receives both sun and shade throughout the day. Also, consider the soil at the planting site. Test that it will drain well after a rain shower so the plant is not over-saturated. To determine how well the soil drains, dig a hole and, after it rains, check to see if it has retained any water.

Type of Soil to Plant Your Marijuana Seeds Strains

One of the many wonderful things about cannabis gardens is that you can start as small or as elaborate as you want. One of our marijuana seeds to grow healthy outdoors is, to begin with, a shady bench. Underneath, you can create an enchanting space filled with wonder and magic by adding nothing more than a little moss and a toadstool. Once you begin to see beyond the physical elements of the bench and fill in the intricate details, the cannabis plant evolves into a mystical place of enchantment.

The planting hole should be twice the size of the marijuana seeds root ball. Dig deep enough so that when the marijuana seeds are placed, the base of the plant is even with to an inch above the ground. Tap the sides of the container to loosen, then carefully remove the cannabis plant. Gently loosen and slightly dampen the roots. Place the root ball so the plant is upright in the middle of the hole. Fill the rest of the hole with soil and lightly pat until the plant stays in place.

Amount of Water Applied in Your Marijuana Seeds Strains

One of the most common mishaps in growing cannabis plants is that they overwater their seedlings. Once they drown on water or from any water source that you directly apply to each seedbed, it’s just like you are suffocating them from the air. The slow growth of your marijuana seeds for sale can cause nutrient deficient, rotting of roots, or in any fungus.

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Thus, you can go ahead and water them in a fixed schedule that would make their flowering stage on the brighter side. If you plant them in pots, watering them once a day is enough since the water is held within the pot for longer times. On the other hand, if you plant your cannabis seeds on soil, you can water them directly a few centimeters away from the root section on a circular motion. Make sure that the soil is dry at the end of the day to allow nutrient absorption.

After the marijuana seeds are placed, water the base thoroughly. Give the cannabis plant another watering the next day. From then on, water once a week. For plants located in direct sunlight, water more often. Spread a three-inch layer of mulch around the cannabis plant, keeping it one to two inches away from the base. This will help the plant retain water, keep out weeds and keep the dirt temperature even.

The Required Vegetative Cycle for Your Marijuana Plant

The best time to witness while growing marijuana from seed is about seven weeks before the last spring frost. This ensures that they can be moved from the starter trays or pots for transplanting by summer or spring.

Preparing Your Marijuana Seed Beds

The cannabis plant requires moist soil that is not soggy. If using soil, make sure it is light, well-drained and rich in humus. The best growing medium is sterile commercial flower potting mix such as peat. In the wild, the marijuana seeds fall to the ground and remain dormant throughout winter, only to germinate in spring. They have an internal mechanism that triggers off germination once winter is over. Indoors, this process, known as stratification, has to be replicated.

Handling Pests and Possible Diseases

Some of the most common pests include aphids, caterpillars, and leaf miners. Of the three, leaf miners are the most notorious. They usually bore their way inside the leaves, leaving behind a nasty mess. The best way to deal with this is by shearing the cannabis plants once they bloom. This is particularly important since aquilegia usually never re-bloom. The leaves usually fill back in.

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Harvesting the Cannabis Flowers with Bigger Buds

As soon as the cannabis flower petals die and fall off, a green pod will be formed from it. After a few weeks, it will dry and turn brown, making it ready for picking. Once you decide to harvest the seeds, ensure you do so from the completely dry seed head. To know whether a seed head is ready for harvesting, seeds will rattle inside the pod when you touch the seed head. Ensure you harvest the seeds before they get blown away by the wind.

Cut off dry seed head with scissors and don’t turn it upside down as all seeds will fall out. Find a container and turn the seed head upside down to empty the seeds. You will get at least 10 seeds from each seed head. Spread the seeds on a dry wax paper to ensure they dry completely before storing them.

Planting established cannabis plants are more expensive than starting with seeds, but you’ll be able to see the plants in flower and receive instant gratification. Transplanting cannabis plants from pot to garden couldn’t be easier. To plant cannabis plants, just:

· Choose a dry, sunny spot for your planting site.
· Work the soil until it is loosened.
· Add some compost and work that in with your soil.
· Dig the hole with the same depth as the potted plant.
· Remove the yarrow plant from the pot and place it in the hole.
· Pat the dirt in around the plant.
· Keep the plant evenly watered until you see signs of new growth.


The marijuana seeds are easy to start from seed once you focus growing marijuana from seed. It tolerates a wide variety of soil pH and appreciates well-drained soil. You can start yarrow indoors. Merely sprinkle seeds over the top of your planting soil about ten weeks before you want to plant the seedlings outside, water the topsoil when it becomes dry, and leave the seeds in a warm, sunny spot. Cannabis seeds to need light to germinate so don’t cover them with soil. You may also plant the seeds directly into the soil in the late summer for flowering plants the next growing season.


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