One more subject frequently bantered by numerous Cannabis cultivators, is whether including fixings like Honey, Molasses, or Sugary Water to a plan improves its wellbeing, and the nature of the flowers it provides. Well, it kinda does and results have shown based on consumers observations.

The use of Honey instead of Blackstrap Molasses for Growing Marijuana is said to be more effective and more of the testimonial of positive changes has been heard of. This was noted and based upon the goals of this technique which has been said it offers. Honey for growing marijuana is not a new thing and has been practiced by a lot of cultivators eversince.

In the accompanying article, we will present various uses cultivators attest to that sugar based items provided in the marijuana garden, and how you can utilize it to grow improved Cannabis crops.

Sugar benefits on Marijuana Plants? There are 4 essential reasons most producers report that have taken effect when utilizing sugars as additives in their Cannabis growing.


The most promoted motivations to apply sugar additives in your cannabis plants is to expand the kinds of your buds. This a very noticeable effect that we have encountered firsthand in a portion of the growth we have been part of previously. Anyway, numerous different cultivators recommend that sugar doesn’t improve the kind of smoke by any stretch of the imagination, and this is only a legend.


Second advantage professed to be only a myth by certain producers, and also by others, apparently using sugar to your Cannabis plants will expand the buds size. We have encountered a portion of our greatest buds while using sugar added on to our supplement programs. Anyway without a legitimate logical control we are unable give you any accurate numbers yet.


A few producers propose that by utilizing sugar, one can really build the density of the buds produced. But this is still isn’t as broadly acknowledged, this might be an instance of strain explicit outcomes, and not as effectively copied.


Another main advantage not discussed is the helpfulness of using sugar is its effect within the culpability of your soils or mediums that have a functioning living root framework loaded up with Mycorrhizae. All the Sugars and starches help to take care of the states of microorganisms to keep them sound, a result of which is solid plants.

What Types of Sugar sources Can I apply on My Marijuana Plants? Several companies make various kinds of sugar based supplement items. A portion of the more well known sugar items are: FloraNectar Bud Candy, Sugar Daddy, Grandma’s Molasses and Hydro Honey.

With such a significant number of varieties in strains of Marijuana, Nutrient Products, and Environments, it is more than likely a few cultivators will have more achievement utilizing sugar than different cultivators.

OUR experience is probably the best instructor!