Bridge H20 strain is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain was named after Veteran and Marijuana Activist Spc. Leo Bridgewater (ret.), the one to come to medicinal marijuana to assist vets to come back from war zones is Bridge H20. He always was a vocal promoter for veterans in marijuana and was resourceful in assisting New Jersey go back to its perception about medical marijuana.

We choose a potency and terpene profile that we hope would help other veterans and him, in trying to fight Spc Bridgewater’s preferences. Mixing the flavors or fuel, pine sap, and sweet cream, the Birge H20 is the Wedding Caked crossed OG line and Chem Dog.

Bridge H20 Dominant Terpenes

  • Humulene
  • Beta Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene

All About Bridge H20

Bridge H20 contains 30% Sativa and 70% Indica and is considered as a hybrid strain. Bridge H20’s landrace is a cross between Chem Dog and Wedding Cake along with OG Line, mixing all the flavors of pine sap, fuel, and sweet cream. This strain is a special gift for marijuana activist and Army Specialist in the lead up to Memorial Day from a New Jersey dispensary, Harmony. Leo Bridgewater was dedicated to helping New Jersey for marijuana legalization and is a loyal advocate for medical marijuana.

Spc. Bridgewater and Harmony’s medical aim is to make a special strain to treat the conditions of many veterans that are struggling with PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety. Bridge H20 cannabis strain passed over the years of study and testing using Bridgewater’s history with marijuana as a lead to find the perfect cannabis strain that efficiently ease such ailments.

Bridgewater is one of the 3 veterant wo state before the New Jersey State Assembly through an changing to add PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions of New Jersey’s medicinal cannabis system and was under consideration. Leo’s new Bridge cannabis strain is made to ease New Jersey’s more than 400,000 veteran population, or over 5% of the total New Jersey population. Bridge H20 was not allowed to try the cannabis strain they settled on until it was tested and checked in state labs, due to state marijuana regulations.