This is the list of best strongest indica strains today. Indica strains originated in the Himalayan foothills. These classifications of strains are initially cultivated in Southern Asia where the weather varies depending on the season. The beneficial thing about it is that pure indica strains are not that sensitive to unexpected changes in temperature and humidity. If this cannabis doesn’t get a lot of sunlight it becomes round and bushy plants yet on the off chance that indica strains get a lot of sunlight, the plant would yield efficiently. They prefer cooler environments and they grow well both indoors and outdoors. Experienced cultivators are looking into the indica hybrids because of their fast flowering times. They only require 8-12 weeks from germination to be ready for harvest.

If you are looking for more mental and physical relaxation, Indica is the answer. Check out our best indica strains list below! These is the mode recommended strains for patients who are undergoing chronic pains and inflammations. It is known for it versatility as itworks well for medicinal and recreational purposes. It effects starts with a cerebral high and works through your body. Indica strains are also popular for their sedative effects which help induce relaxation and treatment for sleep issues and stress

It has outstanding levels of cannabidiol as compared to tetrahydrocannabinol making the psychoactive effects minimal. It best used before going to bed for it will give you a long and uninterrupted sleep. What indica hybrids can offer are the major medicinal qualities it upholds. We are impressed by the potency cannabis indica upholds, with this, we have conducted a research on the ten strongest indica strains in the world with information about its properties as well as its average flowering time.

What to expect in taking indica hybrid strains? It will help you sleep peacefully at night. This is one of the best recommendations for patients who are suffering from severe cases of insomnia. The physical relaxation it induces is caused by its natural pain relieving properties which also help in alleviating stress and discomfort. Not just that, it also works well in treating side-effects of acquired conditions such as loss of appetite and nausea. Your body will experience total relaxation with the potency of indica hybrids. There is a variety of strains to choose from and you just have to be wise in picking the strain that will suit your needs.

The major qualities of indica hybrid strains do not stop there. It has properties which increase your dopamine levels. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling the brain’s pleasure centers and is also a big help in regulating the response to emotions, memory, inhibitions, behavior, attention, and movements. Increased in dopamine levels does not just alleviate cases of nausea and relieve pain, it targets your pleasure centers like comfort in sleep and increase in sex drive. This is a plus point for some whose libido ceases as caused by medications.

1.) GG #1

A pure indica strain also known as Great Gardener #1. GG #1 is characterized by equal effects in the mind and the body. It upholds exemplary potency as caused by its richness in tetrahydrocannabinol ranging from 15% up to 20%. In line to this, its flexibility in terms of utilization is impressive considering that it works well for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The moderate to low psychoactive effects of GG #1 is what makes it a cannabis connoisseur’s dream. After smoking, the effects are gradual from the mind throughout the body. It gives you a euphoric feeling that keeps you uplifted, happy and excited. It is also an effective strain established for its appetite boosting properties.

Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
Flavors: earthy, herbal, spicy
Scent: herbal, spicy


Witty as it may seem, Cheesy Dick is one of the strains that will really put your body in an uninterrupted sleep. The sedating properties are quite strong making it not a suggested strain for people who are new at smoking cannabis. It has lasting cerebral effects which keep you calm and relaxed. Cheesy Dick is known in boosting your creativity which is a good thing for patients with stress-related syndromes. Their attention is diverted into something else. It reduces the risks of stress and anxiety. The effects of Cheesy Dick is more body relaxation. Your body will feel an intense feeling of being on a bed of clouds. The sativa effects are showing through the developed creativity and regulate concentration.


This is a cross-breed of two classic strains in which the product gives you an uplifting and long-lasting feeling. It is lime green in color with a sparse of orange hair with fine crystal trichomes. Big Buddha Cheese x Cheese Reversed is such a beauty with its large blending in brown, orange, yellow and green. The good thing about this is that it is a very fast growing indica strain with wealthy branches. The parents of this strain both originated in the United Kingdom where the environment is cool and less humid. Side-effects include being giggly, uplifted, relaxed and happy which is best for individuals who are having self-esteem problems that lead to failure in social interactions. In addition to this, Double Mint is also best in treating stress-related syndromes such as depression and anxiety and it relieves chronic pain and inflammation too.


A marijuana strain which is established because of its almost pure indica properties. Chemdawg is 55% indica-dominant with outstanding richness in tetrahydrocannabinol approximately 19% making it more potent than most marijuana strains in the market. It is relatively strong considering that it is the original source of strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The levels of tetrahydrocannabinol are very impressive which makes it flexible for both recreational and medicinal utilization. One of the benefits from using Chemdawg is for relieving pain and fatigue. It is recommended for patients because it targets all stress-related syndromes with just one strain to use.

5.) M-42

A marijuana strain which is famous for its pink and purple hue. The good thing about M-42 is that regardless of the sudden change in temperature, it is still able to yield wealthy. It is not that sensitive to the environment considering that it works both ways for indoor and outdoor growth. In a short span of time, you will be able to harvest M-42 with satisfying results. Considering that it is a pure indica strain, the effects as it sinks in are very mellow yet lasting. The relaxing effects work for people who are experiencing severe cases of stress-related syndromes.


A marijuana strain powered by its pure indica dominance. Romulan’s name is derived after the alien Star Trek race. This strain is famous for its therapeutical and recreational properties which is a big help in the field of cannabis. With its potency, it has outstanding levels of tetrahydrocannabinol ranging from 20% up to 24% making it not a suggested strain for novice smokers because of the psychoactive effects accustomed to it. The effects are lasting from the mind throughout the body. Romulan’s buds have pepper-shaped forest green nuggets in undertones of purple. The beauty is exemplary because of the purple leaves wrapped around it. It has orange hairs too.


A marijuana strain established for its 100% pure indica dominance. Pine Tar Kush is a direct descendant of an unknown Kush strain whose genetics is native to Pakistan. Impressive as it may seem, it upholds exemplary potency powered by rich levels of tetrahydrocannabinol ranging from 18% up to 22%. It is not a suggested strain for novice growers considering that it upholds psychoactive effects that may lead to paranoia and dizziness. What users find addictive about this strain is its aroma and enticing appearance. The blend of kush, pine, citrus, skunky and sweet intensifies the effects of Pine Tar Kush. In addition to this, its buds have leafy round bright green nuggets.


A pure indica strain which is the product of cross-breeding LA Confidential and OG Kush. From the two most powerful indica strains comes Cataract Kush. With proper maintenance and monitoring, the strain has a natural greyish black color. It has outstanding levels of tetrahydrocannabinol ranging from 20% to 24% and whose cannabidiol content is as competitive as its THC which makes it flexible for utilization. Cataract Kush is a preferred strain for cannabinoid therapy in treatment for anorexia and insomnia. It has a lasting corporal effect that helps people who are suffering from stress-related syndromes. In addition to this, Cataract Kush boosts your mood that it helps you with your social-communication skills. With the relaxing feeling it upholds, accustomed to it is its lasting euphoric effects.


A strain recognized for its 100% indica properties. Crown OG is a descendant of OG Kush strain. Awarded by 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica Concentrate as a first place because of its exemplary medicinal and recreational advantages. Its potency is powered by its outstanding richness in tetrahydrocannabinol levels ranging from 25% up to 28% making it not a suggested strain for novice cannabis smokers because of the psychoactive effects it upholds. Crown OG’s appearance is very enticing with its arrowhead-shaped nuggets in deep green color covered dark olive leaves protected with orange hairs and sticky resin. Users find it addictive with the blend of sweet, earthy, and pine aroma.

10.) JT 15

A marijuana strain which is pure indica. JT15 is the descendant of an infamous Kush strain. It is famous for its flexibility, it works well with recreational and therapeutical utilization. The effect is a rush from the mind throughout your body. It has outstanding levels of tetrahydrocannabinol ranging from 13% up to 19% making it a suggested strain for novice cannabis smokers. JT15 has beautiful buds with forest green strawberry-shaped nuggets blending with its chrome undertones. It has a sparse of fine hair layered with crystal trichomes and wrapped around with dark olive leaves. In addition to this, users find its aroma addictive which comes in earthy, woody, dank, and pungent scent.

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Based on the ten pure indica strains that were reviewed, what we find the most impressive is Crown OG. The effects equally target your mind and body. Crown OG’s effects slowly build which may lead to your inability to speak. Your mind is being put in the state of calm that it is hard for you to identify reality from imagination that you are lost in your thoughts. Its euphoria effects do not just make you utterly excited and happy, it helps in elevating your mood too. Crown OG lasts for hours leaving you feeling drowsy and couch-locked leaving you relaxed. In addition to this, it is also an effective strain in boosting your appetite preferred by patients with anorexia.

Crown OG works well in an indoor and outdoor growth accustomed to a Mediterranean climate. Indoor-grown strains’ flowering time usually takes 7 to 9 weeks up until it is time for harvest yielding 8 to 12 ounces per square meter. Meanwhile, outdoor-grown ones are best harvested around the third week of September yielding 12 ounces or more.