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Growing Marijuana Seeds in USA: The Disadvantages and Advantages

Lawn Starter compared the marijuana business in the U.S. like growing weed. The latest numbers from ArcView Market Research reveal that legal sales of marijuana have reached $5.7 billion in 2015 up to $4.6 billion from the previous year. By 2020, ArcView says that the sales of legal marijuana in [...]

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How to Plant Germinated Marijuana Seeds

Most cannabis growers will tell you that the seedling phase is the most important of all the stages of cannabis plants’ life. Royal Queen Seeds recommends that whether you are growing marijuana from seeds or from a clone plant, the hands-on part of cultivating cannabis starts when the plants are [...]

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What is Indica Strain Good For

If you are seeking the type of high that will leave you physically and mentally relaxed, this is the perfect article for you to read. The society’s interest in indica strains is growing. With the progressing number of people supporting indica strains, we can say that people are seeking for [...]

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