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Published within these portals, you will see our efforts and our passion for this mission towards putting the good word out about this majestic plant that we come to know and love as Marijuana or Cannabis.

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Now that, Marijuana has been legalized in more and more countries including Canada. We strongly believe that there is indeed a void that needs to be filled immediately in terms of understanding and genuine information available regarding this wondrous plant. The same plant that has been tainted with the wrong misconception for decades on end. Even today, the reality is, it’s still difficult for a lot of people to accept the good and the real benefits it brings to humanity.

On this mindset, we declared onto ourselves that we need to fill this gap and bring it to ourselves the responsibility and burden it may present to ensure that we are able to put our two cents in.

Marijuana-Cannabis.com is and will be a source of no non-sense, validated, honest and unadulterated truth when it comes to Marijuana. A site that is always accessible and always available for all. A place that encourages learning and at the same time willing to learn. A cocoon for evolving while involving. A brand that is synonymous with Truth.

The team started collecting materials since 2017. We started off as just a small group of weed enthusiasts getting together conversating about whatnot. Then, came a question that pondered onto our minds for quite some time. That lead to this intense motivation. As you know, most if not all, will resort on the internet to get answers for the questions they have a day in and day out. And, as it was said, that we did.

The internet today is full of websites that offer vast amounts of information about Cannabis. Yet if you put in your effort and time, you will end up more confused than when you started. This is because, the materials getting uploaded do not go through any measures at all to control what gets out and what doesn’t. Nothing is there to define what is true and what’s not. Readers are left on their own to discover this sad reality.

All being said, this is where we www.Marijuana-Cannabis.com comes in. We do not and will never claim that our materials and segments are self-made and one of a kind. Never will we claim that we are the best and the expert when it comes to this topic. None of that ours to claim, not even. But what we will guarantee is that all that gets through and gets published within these pages are what we believe are the best ones based on our own judgement. All these are the fruit of our love to read, research and discuss. It is not our aim to criticize any other factors but only on the value of the content of the articles we come across with.

So, as they say, our minds will only believe what is available for it to do so, but once an option becomes available, then IT begins. Human intellect is more complex than how we understand it, so we strongly encourage you to exercise this great gift and read, understand and engage in discussions. After all, no one is really wrong if now knows who’s right. Right? Happy reading!