Today we will pick the Cannabis’ best indica strains for anxiety treatment. People experience anxiety for different reasons. One way or another, everyone would feel it due to the innate nature of human beings. What is anxiety? It is the feeling of uneasiness that can be triggered by fear or problem. Everyone has something to worry about as it can come from academics, work, and a lot more. These days, instead of turning to the usual medication prescribed by physicians, consumers tend to go for the alternative. It is where marijuana comes in for medical purposes. The best types to use are the indica strains. Generally, it is known to have contents of CBD which is essential in mending psychoactive ailments. Here are the Best indica weed strains to Treat Anxiety.

There are features of indica strains that can be easily distinguished. Based on the experiences of marijuana users, there are indications that you are picking an indica cannabis. Most indica strains are recommended for nightcap use. The reason behind that is the sedative factor of these weeds. The relaxing component of these breeds is perfect for people experiencing cerebral ailments and are the best marijuana strains for anxiety.

Choose the Best Indica Strain

  1. Harle-Tsu

It is a strain developed by crossing Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. The weed is leaning towards indica dominance as its structure is composed of 80% indica over 20% sativa. Known for its high CBD level that ranges around 22% to 39%, it overpowers the THC content of this cannabis that is at 10%. Through the massive amount of CBD, this cannabis is widely used to help people suffering from anxiety. It calms down the nerves and quickly uplifts the mood of the person utilizing it while it enhances the focus and creativity reason this is best weed for anxiety.

  1. CBD Shark

The strain consists of 80% indica that was derived by crossing Shark Shock and an unnamed CBD weed. It contains a high level of CBD component which stands around 5% to 10%. The ratio of its CBD level to THC is 1:1. Cannabis is known for its balance that it can help people to manage anxiety without the overpowering effect. The best advantage a user can get upon utilizing this marijuana is that they can get the relief while ensuring mind clarity and euphoria. This is truly one of the best strain anxiety available today.

  1. Haoma

This cannabis is an indica dominant marijuana hybrid that is composed of 70% indica over 30% sativa. The strain is rich in both CBD and THC contents. On average, the CBD level of this weed can reach up to 3% while the THC ranges from 14 to 18%. With both components at the high range, this is one of the best indica strain to use during the end of the day when all that’s left is to relax. Anxiety triggers restlessness and Haoma has the ability to calm the mind and body at the same time. As a result, the consumer will be able to get the relief both physically and mentally.

  1. Northern Lights

This marijuana is one of the classic strains known to cannabis users. The strain is pure indica that originated from Holland. It is known for the medicinal attributes it can provide and the proof of it is the numerous awards it has received globally. Both the THC and CBD content of this cannabis is high. The THC level ranges around 17% to 18% while the CBD content can reach 13%. The strain is an effective aid for anxiety due to its relaxing factor. It will not just numb physical pain but it can also induce calmness for the mind. With this, it can help patients to loosen up and get rid of anxiety symptoms. This is definitely one of the best strain of weed for anxiety in the market today.

  1. Cherry Pie

This marijuana is also known as the Cherry Kush. It is composed of 70% indica compared to 30% sativa. The strain is equipped with healing capabilities as it was created by crossing Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. Upon usage of this cannabis, the initial reaction would be similar to sativa effects but the best part is when the indica characteristic of this weed kicks in. It works as an exceptional relaxant that can tame the nerves. The strain is highly recommended for managing anxiety as it promotes total body relaxation.

  1. Pennywise

An indica dominant strain that was born by crossing Harlequin and Jack The Ripper. The strain comprises 70% indica over 30% sativa. This marijuana consists of less than 1% CBD but has an ample amount of THC that ranges from 12% to 15%. The reason why it is a popular strain when treating anxiety is its capacity to create a euphoric ambiance for the user while ensuring the calmness of the minds. The senses will start relaxing as soon as the first puff goes into the bloodstream reason why this is truly one of the best strains for anxiety.

  1. Master Kush

Master Kush has indica dominance based on the genetic structure of the plant. Composed of 90% indica, there is no doubt that this cannabis is one of the best indica weed strains. It was created by crossing Hindu Kush and Skunk. The THC level of this cannabis is high as it can reach up to 27%. The CBD amount is scarce but is evident based on the benefits it can provide to the marijuana patrons. It has the ability to put people in a tranquil state whereas they will feel a looming relaxation from head to toe. These effects are suitable when mending different symptoms of anxiety.

  1. Blackberry Kush

This strain is a dominant indica marijuana composed of 80% indica over 20% sativa. The cannabis was created when breeders combined Blackberry to the classic Afghani Landrace. Users don’t need to wait for the nightcap to enjoy the high brought by this weed. It does not have the sedating characteristic that can lock consumers on the couch. It has an ample amount of THC that is around 12% to 15%. This marijuana can help people relax most especially when anxiety attacks. It provides calmness to tone down the nerves. By utilizing this cannabis, the patient should have no problems even if anxiety attacks anytime.


No one is exempted in experiencing anxiety as it can happen to everyone. Also, there are a lot of ways that it can attack. Even if you are alone or with a group of people, it can still attack. Utilizing marijuana can lessen the usage of antidepressants to mend anxiety. Take your pick and never worry about experiencing anxiety again. These indica strains should be able to help people to stay calm and focused despite the pressure. Test it out and find the most suitable cannabis that can work as an alternative medication for anxiety.