Check out our 10 best pure indica seeds list. Marijuana users are often hooked to pure indica cannabis due to the different benefits it can bring on the table. Users are always looking for the best indica seeds that get you high and increased mental relaxation. There are two distinct classifications of cannabis namely sativa and indica. The sativa type of marijuana is known to provide exuberating energy that can lift up the mood of the user. The indica type of cannabis has a reputation to induce the person utilizing it into deep and serene relaxation. In many cases, people tend to feel discomfort when they have an ailment. The result is risky as it can lead to numerous cerebral complications.

These days, there are hybrids available in the market that may consist of sativa and indica components. However, if you are looking to intake a weed that can lessen the psychoactive tension, the best choice is to utilize pure indica strains. Through this, consumers will have the authenticity of immense tranquillity. Due to countless strains available to the public, it has been hard to distinguish the pure indica weeds. It is not surprising if there are many people who would want to grow their own pure indica marijuana. Here are the pure indica marijuana seeds that you can purchase if you wish to grow untainted indica cannabis.Check out our list below before you choose and buy indica seeds or pure indica cannabis seeds.

Top 10 Indica Strains and Pure Indica Seeds

  1. Dark Star

The strain was named after a song popularized by Grateful Dead. It is a hybrid that was able to keep the indica component intact. The cannabis was created by crossing Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharrif landraces. The weed has an ample amount of THC that stands around 20%. The suitable area of cultivation is somewhere dry. Despite being pure indica, this strain takes time before reaching maturity. The grower could need at least 9 to 10 weeks.

  1. Kosher Kush

It is a famous North American strain that originated in Los Angeles, California. The cannabis has made its name on the international scene by having been able to win three consecutive times for the High Times Cannabis Cup from 2010 to 2012. The THC level of Kosher Kush is extremely high. It stands tall at 29%. The flowering time of this weed can test the patience of the growers as it can take up to 9 to 10 weeks. Getting the seeds of this strain is fair as it is an easy plant to grow whether you acquire a regular or feminized seed.

  1. Purple Kush

It is a pure indica hybrid that deviated from the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Users must not take this cannabis lightly as it is considered as one of the most potent pure indica strains. It is not surprising given that this weed is packed with a generous amount of THC at 27%. The plant can reach its maturity within 8 to 9 weeks. Growers also prefer this strain as it holds high resistance to molds.

  1. Northern Lights x Big Bud

It is a pure indica strain that can produce a high volume of yield even when it’s grown indoors. It is easy to grow a plant which earns the favor of growers. Though the level of difficulty in raising this cannabis is easy, there is a need for abundant nutrients. The plant has a single bud cola, but it requires massive nutrition to flourish. People should also be wary about grey molds that can be visible during the last stages of the flowering stage. This weed can make a lot of growers happy as it can be harvested within 55 days.

  1. G13 x Hash Plant

The easiest way to distinguish this indica strain is by the humongous flowers. If you want to grow this cannabis, be prepared to expose it to abundant light. Also, this weed is a heavy eater that requires jam-packed nutrients. Despite the needy nature of this marijuana, it is a well-loved strain among growers. The weed can already be harvested in 50 to 60 days.

  1. Afghan Kush

There is no doubt about the pureness of this cannabis. It is one of the classic favorites in the world. The point of origin for this marijuana was traced back to the Hindu Kush Mountains. It is a stable type of weed that is suitable even for novice growers. The flowering time span of this strain is quick. It only needs 40 to 55 days and it should be ready for harvest.

  1. Hindi Kush

The reputation of this cannabis can be dated back to its point of origin where it gets its name, the Hindu Kush Mountains. The plant needs light and tons of nutrients to reach its full growth potential. It all pays off as this marijuana can be harvested in 6 to 4 weeks if nurtured properly.

  1. Northern Lights

The reputation of this strain is impeccable. The proof of it is that there are already various marijuana hybrids that are created using Northern Lights. The cannabis thrives in warm places where it can receive direct exposure to the sun. It is an easy strain to cultivate and to top that, it produces a high volume of yield. The weed is dominating marijuana given all the countless awards it has acquired over the years.

  1. Mazar-I-Sharrif

The lineage of this plant can be traced back to the northern part of Afghanistan at the towns of Mazar-I-Sharrif and Sheberghan. The strain can grow tall at 3 meters. The flowering time of this marijuana takes time. Before the plant can be harvested, growers may need to wait 60 to 82 days.

  1. Pakistan Chitral Kush

If you are not familiar with this strain then what you must have heard are all those marijuana that originated from this weed. Compared to other pure indica seeds, this cannabis is preferred by growers. The disease resistance of this plant is not just for pests and molds. It has the ability to combat rainy seasons and cold areas.


It is true that these days, there is already an abundance of indica strains that people can grow. There are tons of indica dominant hybrids but then there is nothing that beats pure indica seeds. The reason is the authentic feeling that consumers will get as they get their hands of these types of marijuana. Grow your own indica weed and choose which among the top ten suits you the best. Put in mind that there is a good reason why these indica weeds are utilized to create new strains. It is for the attributes it possesses as one of a kind marijuana strains. Take your pick and head to the nearest seed bank to get you started in growing a pure indica cannabis.