Many marijuana growers begin their cannabis farming methods by planting seeds outdoors. The great outdoors is a great way to let plants gain additional minerals and nutrients without letting you pay an extra fee. On the other hand, indoor marijuana growing has its unique set of perks. For instance, growing cannabis strains indoors can become your answer to a stealthy approach to cultivating marijuana plants. With that said, it’s time to look at the best indoor cannabis strains for beginners.

Keep in mind that different strains call for varying growing methods, strategies, and tactics. There are some marijuana plants best suited for growing by expert hands. If you’re still a novice in the world of cannabis cultivation, then read on to find out the best easy-to-grow strains for indoor environments.

The Best Indoor Cannabis Strains for Beginners

Before we head to our list, let’s look at the common and similar traits of the best indoor cannabis strains for beginners. First, many indoor marijuana plants are resistant to disease, mold, mildew, pests, and other hazards. It doesn’t mean that you’re growing buds inside your home that you shouldn’t prepare for these issues. Nonetheless, strains with high resilience to common dangers benefit novice growers with low maintenance procedures.

Aside from resistance to common perils, indoor cannabis strains should give a decent amount of yield at the least. There are some indoor plants that deliver high yields even when grown indoors. Still, there are some indoor strains that offer amazing benefits despite not having significant yield amounts. With that out of the way, it’s time to check out the list of excellent indoor cannabis strains fit for novice growers.

  1. Cinex

Cinex has a slightly Sativa-dominant list of properties. This hybrid cannabis strain comes from the cross of the Vortex and Cinderella 99 strains. With THC levels averaging around 22%, consumers can expect powerful effects with each puff of this bud. A sweet citrus scent with hints of earthy skunk fills the nostrils and mouths of Cinex users.

With a growing period of about 8 weeks, indoor growers can expect a staple amount of heavy yields in a short amount of time. With significant yields, short growing times, and a good list of recreational and medicinal benefits, it’s no wonder why this cannabis strain is a favorite among beginners and expert growers alike.

  1. Northern Lights

Formerly known as CI #5 F1, the Northern Lights cannabis strain is a well-known marijuana plant. Many cannabis communities seek this bud for their recreational and medicinal characteristics. This Indica-dominant bud is even deemed as one of the most popular strains of all time. For one thing, its potent relaxing effects are great ways of properly dealing with restlessness and insomnia.

This bud flowers from 6 to 8 weeks from seed to harvest. Growers should expect 125 grams of yield per square meter when grown indoors. It’s very easy to grow and it gives novice growers the chance to acquire a popular strain without devoting plenty of time and effort in maintaining the plant.

  1. Blue Dream

Cross the classic strains of Blueberry and Haze and you get the Blue Dream bud. This slightly Sativa-dominant cannabis strain makes a name for itself in medical communities thanks to its medicinal traits. It has relatively high THC levels that range from 17% to 24%.

Just like its name suggests, each puff of Blue Dream will give consumers a flavor-packed experience. Nostrils and mouths will fill with notes of blueberry and sugar. The mixture of fruity of sweet flavors and scent lingers around the senses for hours before beginning to dissipate into the surroundings.

Growers can expect this plant to flower in about 10 weeks with proper indoor growing equipment. Its yields are significant in number. Furthermore, the flowers are tall as the plant can grow up to 5 feet in height. Small growing spaces may require this plant to be pruned or trimmed during its development stages.

  1. Easy Bud

Easy Bud comes into the scene with Ruderalis genetics. Hence, it has auto-flowering properties that make it remarkably easy to grow. The plant doesn’t require a specific light and darkness routine. Still, adding extra hours of light to shine on this bud can slightly increase the overall yield by harvest time.

Consumers of Easy Bud will enjoy subtle and gradual highs. The effects will kick in several minutes after the first toke. It stimulates the mind to bring focus while bringing an upbeat demeanor to users. By the end of the highs, a relaxing feeling comes over the minds and bodies of its smokers. However, the effects aren’t overpowering so there are no worries of couch locks.

As for its growing procedures, it comes true to its name. The Easy Bud plant is highly resistant to molds, mildew, diseases, and pests. This strain will even begin to flower in as short as 6 weeks.

  1. Papaya

The Indica-dominant cannabis strain known as Papaya is a unique sort. While it’s named after the fruit, it has a strong taste of mango. Consumers will, however, experience classic Indica effects when smoking this pot. Hence, it will heavily numb the body which can cause consumers to feel lethargic. Still, it does make itself for the perfect nighttime smoke.

Even though growers can cultivate the Papaya plant indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, it does flourish well in outdoor environments. Still, it’s a great choice for novice growers who wish to cultivate this strain indoors.

  1. Blue Cheese

If you have a thing for the classics, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on planting the Blue Cheese strain. This Indica-dominant cannabis strain is a favorite among many cannabis communities for generations. It delivers an unforgettable cheesy flavor true to its name.

Highs from this bud slowly creep into the systems of users instead of hitting like a fast truck. It starts with a head rush followed by a gradual sense of physical calm. This cannabis strain is easy to grow indoors but requires a constant temperature of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for growers to enjoy bountiful yields.

  1. Lemon OG Haze (Auto)

The Lemon OG Haze is yet another popular cannabis strain known by many veteran cannabis users. However, this particular variant has Ruderalis genetics which makes it have auto-flowering characteristics. This Sativa-dominant plant will start flowering in as short as 6 weeks from planting its seed.

Smoke coming from the Lemon OG Haze (Auto) lets consumers profit from a delicious mix of flavors. Users will enjoy a blend of freshly peeled lemon mixed with slight hints of pine.

  1. Blue Auto Mazar

Cross Blueberry Auto and Auto Mazar will bring about the Blue Auto Mazar cannabis strain. This powerful Indica-dominant cannabis strain induces potent calming sensations to its users. Consumers will find themselves looking for their beds once they finish smoking this bud.

It takes about 10 weeks for this plant to flower indoors. Easy indoor growing accompanied by heavy yields and solid potencies makes this cannabis strain a fan favorite for novice and expert marijuana growers.

  1. Green Crack

Green Crack, also known as Cush, is a famous cannabis strain dubbed by the famous rapper and cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg. Its average THC levels of around 16% bring uplifting feelings for any cannabis consumer. Furthermore, the happy and optimistic feelings brought by the smoke will last for hours.

This indoor cannabis strain is relatively easy to grow indoors which makes it a good choice for newcomers to the marijuana growing industry. Keep in mind it does require a stable light source with temperatures of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant can grow between 3 and 4 feet tall which makes it an ideal option to practice topping.

  1. Dutch Treat

Otherwise known as the Dutch Crunch, the Dutch Treat cannabis strain is a potent Indica-dominant bud with THC levels ranging about 15% to 30%. It’s a popular treat in certain cannabis communities as it offers both physical advantages and psycho-activities. These characteristics make it a great choice for social gatherings.

Indoor growing of this cannabis strain requires trimming and topping. Its fan leaves are relatively bushy and will reach heights of about 5 feet. This cannabis strain will start blooming in as short as 6 weeks from planting its seed.

After harvesting your cannabis strains, don’t just immediately leave them in containers and packs until you use them. Cure your harvest first to ensure high-quality smoking experiences. Alex stated in a guide that curing marijuana strains is the final step of the planting process. Do this last procedure and you can enjoy your indoor cannabis strains to its fullest extent.