Insomnia is a serious condition that can hit anyone. Without the recommended hours of sleep, your productivity, as well as the quality of your life, can drop significantly. Fortunately, there are indica strains that can help you get a healthy amount of sleep.

The vast number of indica cannabis that is available in the market might overwhelm some cannabis consumers. Let us help you find the right one for you by giving you our 10 best indica seeds for sale online or at your local dispensary.

1.) Bubba Kush

We kick-start the list with a classic favorite. Bubba Kush delivers a solid relaxant effect with its THC potency that can reach up to 22 percent. With this kind of potency though, you will get a near-psychedelic experience when the high kicks in. Your mind will feel like it is travelling across the galaxy while your body is relaxing back at home. At the end of the high, you can still move your body as normal without feeling too sleepy. This effect let you enjoy some light activities before going to bed in a relaxed state.

While the Bubba Kush buds and plants have a shade of purple, the strain only has a hint of fruit smell. The most pervasive flavor profile of the bud is that of coffee or raw chocolate with a mix of spice. Meanwhile, the taste of Bubba Kush’ smoke has a sweet dank profile with a slightly strong pepper flavor.

2.) GSC

The Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) packs a good indica sedative with a slight mix of Sativa high. Smoking the strain will send a wave of happiness that starts from your head to your toes. You also receive a stimulating boost of energy that lets you do many physical activities while riding the GSC high. Over time, the sedative nature of the strain appears in full force. Your body will feel sluggish like jelly while the bed is calling out your name. The overall effect of the GSC is great for the late afternoon when you plan on working out or doing so light work before ending the day.

True to its name, GSC’s sweet floral and dank aroma gives off the smell of baked cookies. Upon smoking the strain, you get a spicy diesel taste along with some citrus and menthol swirling in your mouth.

3.) God’s Gift

Smoking this strain will make you feel like you just received a celestial gift from up high with its 24 percent THC levels. God’s Gift packs a strong sedative punch with a small euphoric buzz. At the start of the strain’s high, your body will feel heavy and barely able to move from where you are sitting. Meanwhile, your mind will be going to a place of bliss. Over time, God’s Gift will leave your mind hazy with sleeping and eating the main priorities.

God’s Gift inherits the strong berry aroma from its Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush parents. The smell of the bud is that of crushing overly ripe grapes in a bowl. The taste has a mix of citrus and berries profile in the smoke.

4.) Northern Lights

This cannot be a list of the best indica seeds for sale without including the Northern Lights. The strain alone is already a heavy hitter with its potent sedative effect that will put you to sleep. This effect will also ease away the pain and aches to remove any discomfort while you sleep. In addition, the Northern Lights plant is a joy to cultivate. It has a very low flowering time of around 45 to 50 days and the plant is resistant against common diseases.

Northern Lights buds have an earthy pine aroma that smells like recently snapped twigs. This strain’s taste has a bitter and sweet citrus profile that lingers a bit in your mouth after smoking it.

5.) Cheese

If you need a fast-acting indica strain that quickly turns out your lights, Cheese is your best bet. The indica dominant strain delivers a euphoric buzz that spreads all over your body, which uplifts your mood and gives you a clear sense of focus. This effect quickly fades away as the sedative part of Cheese hits you unexpectedly. You will likely feel heavy and barely able to move out of the couch after smoking this strain.

True to its name, this strain has a strong cheese aroma profile with a mix of pungent skunk. The unique aroma and flavor of Cheese can make some people hungry.

6.) Skywalker OG

The Star Wars inspired strain has a Master Jedi potency with 30 percent THC levels. This type of potency can bring down massive stress and pain levels as it relaxes your body. Smoking the Skywalker OG will feel like the force envelopes your body with incredible bliss while turning your muscles into putty. You will still have some energy to enjoy some light activities at the onset of the high. Over time, the Skywalker OG will make you succumb to a long night of undisturbed sleep.

Breaking the buds will unleash a pungent dank aroma with a hint of herbs and spices. Skywalker OG’s taste has an earthy spice tone that stays at the tip of your tongue.

7.) Big Bud

Another hard-hitting indica strain that has a large following is the Big Bud. As the name indicates, cultivating the seeds of this strain will give your incredibly large buds that are around 46 grams per square inch of the plant. Meanwhile, the strain will induce a Sativa like high that delivers a cerebral experience. You will feel incredibly happy while the strain opens the doors to your wildest imaginations. Within an hour, the potent relaxant effect will make you feel lethargic and ready to sleep the whole night.

The strain has a pungent skunk aroma due to its lineage. The dank smell also has an earthy fruit hidden beneath it. Upon smoking the bud, a herbal spice flavor with a mix of skunk will swim around your mouth.

8.) Grape Ape

The Grape Ape is all about pummeling any aches and pains that are keeping you awake at night. With your body smothered into soft jelly, you will have no problem getting a full night of sleep after smoking this strain. Meanwhile, the Grape Ape seed is another treat to cultivate for most breeders. The plants can withstand most diseases and are not fussy with its nutrients. It is also a heavy yielding plant when harvest comes.

As you can guess from the name, the strain has a pronounced grape flavor with a mix of lavender and other tropical fruit. You also get a hint of spicy skunk along with a strong berry flavor from the strain’s smoke.

9.) Querkle

The Querkle comes from a lineage of award-winning strains. This indica dominant strain hits you with a euphoric and relaxing high after smoking it. The effects heighten your mood while boosting your creativity. At the end of this high, you will feel lethargic and heavily sedated for the night.

Much like the Grape Ape, Querkle has a refreshing grape aroma with a hint of flowers. The taste of this strain has a pronounced berry flavor with a mix of earthy flowers.

10.) 9 Pound Hammer

This strain can hit you like a very heavy hammer to the head with its strong sedative effect. 9 Pound Hammer boasts a 23 percent THC potency that will leave you clamouring for the nearest bed after smoking it. This is also another great indica seed to grow due to its short flowering time of only 50 to 60 days. The plants also have a very high yield rate that can reach more than six ounces per square foot.

With its deep purple color, 9 Pound Hammer has a pronounced tropical fruit aroma with a mix of berries. Upon smoking it, you will get a citrus pine flavor.


Growing any of these indica strains will give you a good sleeping aid when harvest time comes. Some of these are a joy to grow due to their short flowering period and high yield rates.

By cultivating any of these indica strains, you will stop insomnia from taking over your life. Many people found a way to control the quality of their life with the use of marijuana. This includes Matt Mernagh who stated, “Chronic pain has me measuring my suffering on a scale of one to 10 every day. Without marijuana, I wouldn’t be able to ride a bike, walk or have the courage to be photographed sans clothing.” Indica seeds can help you get over your insomnia and other medical conditions just like Mernagh.